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Non-professional master the seam to seam beauty let owner want to cry

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Today pick up the order, because the owner is urgent, is getting married in a few days, I didn't say much, taking lewd plate is in a hurry to owner a new color matching amount of room, a look, and I came into the house scared me. Original owner has done the seam in the home, a look again carefully, not only the color did not match good, even the seam are not ready, each gap potholes uneven thickness, more can't let people accept the remaining material is ceramic caulking grout glued on the ceramic tile is everywhere, difficult to handle, can let a person look gloomy. So bad scene let owner very angry, immediately call contact construction personnel, begging for, but the number is empty number.

owner cry, very regret showed the contractor package material construction, less than 40% of the market price for the guerrillas would sew colors and materials are to the seam and paid in full, only to make it like this. Want complaints rights but shrugged off, because the guerrillas is playing a shot, in one place, have no fixed place, no appearance how to find them. And closer to the date of their married, now have to spend money to find our these professional, master the beauty of brand chain stitch to rework redo.

with the seam of the demand is increasing, the supply imbalance state. The construction joints of huge gap, resulting in some related industries, domestic outfit even unrelated industry practitioners are scrambling to enter the American market, dodge this emerging industry & other Cake & throughout; 。 Staff's professional quality is uneven, leading to the market price of chaos, word-of-mouth industry is generally lower in chaos.

as a consumer you face so of good and evil people mixed up the market, how to safeguard their own rights and interests?

below small make up to tell you how to choose, master of formal professional beauty.

1. Choose to have a fixed place of business of the joint chain

a fixed operational site, can let consumers to easily find the businessman, the problem can always find business negotiations, if not solve, can even go to the relevant departments complaints. If the businessman is chain that market there has been a popularity, recognized by the vast number of consumers. After the

the seam, the owners want to cry,

2. Don't believe that oral agreement, must sign a written agreement

the defect of oral agreement: change sex strong, poor stability, obtain evidence, evidence preservation. Oral agreement in certain circumstances, even visual invalid is not protected by law.

3. Choose plain code marks a price the construction service

consumers often & other; Does not provide general budget & throughout; It is difficult to estimate the price, after the completion of the need to calculate the reason to be additional costs. So the owners need to know before construction, construction price range, so as not to spend more than necessary.

4. Front of construction materials, to avoid the shoddy

because the seam beauty products on the market is various, make a person dazzling, price difference is very big, also on the quality inspection during construction is the material used is the same with original said.

5. Whether the construction technology of professional norms

the standards of professional construction team, the core lies in the construction process and specifications. All these reflect the details now, from unified overalls, work permit, to the construction process of unification, to the quality of the unified standards.
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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