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Now, everybody 'caulking,' teach you five, understand quality gap filling agent, don't be pit! ! !

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Now decorated the house is really a chore, decoration materials of complex on the market, decorate a style to the diversity of choice, these all can let a person with half a day. Especially the white cement tile may simply use before fill a gap, caulking are popular now! For ceramic tile gap filling is popular in recent years, a kind of decoration, ceramic tile with caulking agent after filling, even after a long time also won't appear the phenomenon of black, and from the exterior looks is more beautiful. But now the caulking agent on market price is different, how to ensure the quality? Flower flower right now to teach you, let you can't be fooled easily. 。 Look from the smell smell to identify the quality of the caulking agent is a good way. Because of caulking agent itself is a kind of chemical reagents, so the taste of some of which will be doped chemical reagent, if your house at the time of caulking, a pungent smell is very strong, this means that the poor quality of caulking agent. Smell is very small, because good caulking agent is almost not heard, so to speak. So identify the quality of the filled seam an agent, you can smell it. 。 Look from the consistency for caulking agent itself is colloid, so there will be a certain adhesive. This time good caulking agent in viscous degree is higher, more sticky, such caulking agent service life is longer, long time also need not worry about mold problem. Instead of a thin gap filling agent is inferior, because there is no viscosity, will be off soon. 。 Look from the coagulability caulking agent in construction, is quite so solidification gaps in the ceramic tile, this time is filled seam an agent quality test. We can squeeze a bit of gap filling agent, outside until it air-dry to watch it again after solidification, if it's hardness is larger, the quality is good, on the contrary the soft collapse collapse, also won't have good effects when it comes to mildew. 。 From the glossiness of ceramic tile gap filling the biggest sensuous is looks more beautiful, at this time if the glossiness of caulking agent is good, far look shiny, but the poor quality of caulking agent wouldn't look very bright, and over time may be directly began to slowly hair black, so did not have the effect of caulking. 。 From systolic caulking is focused on the ceramic tile aperture place, we are after coating filled seam an agent, the solvent will slowly their contraction into it, and then solidified in the gap. In this case, if the shrinkage is too big, the quality of the caulking agent is problematic, if is small, the quality is very significant. We pay big money to decorate a house, is hope in some manageable, so remember to pay attention to in small place, don't in going to be the pit!
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