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Now popular water porcelain caulking agent used in what place?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Now young people decorate special requirement details, so ceramic tile gap filling products are very popular in recent years. And caulking agent products are constantly updated. According to the material and performance differences, there are a number of different products, such as true porcelain porcelain, water and so on. That we first need to understand is that the porcelain caulking water with other similar products have what don't. For composition, the waterborne epoxy resin and delicate of high-grade paint, it is a water-based products, without curing condition, soluble in water, so the construction can be free of crepe paper, excess stock cleaning can be directly using a sponge or a towel to wipe, reduces the remaining material affixed to the construction area outside cleaning up the difficulty and risk. In the porcelain caulking water construction, water porcelain don't have to do seam pressure processing, scrape to evenness with scraper directly, for some ceramic tile edge damaged or defective, can have the effect of repair. A clean and comfortable environment, can let a person to enhance the degree of physical and mental pleasure, people of various mental and bodily functions will be in a state of benign operation. Water porcelain caulking agent can make dirty black ceramic tile can also become more beautiful, and more clean. Above is filled seam an agent small make up with you to discuss about porcelain caulking water some of the differences with other products. So what water porcelain where it is more appropriate to use? , the porcelain caulking water is suitable for indoor ground closed and waterproof, decorative. , apply to withstand contraction, vibration, mobile, stress and fracture permeability of base material, waterproof. , the porcelain caulking water used in water base material to meet the water and back water permeability, waterproof. , applicable to the sink, a swimming pool and permeability between the toilet and bathroom, humid, and waterproof mouldproof. , water porcelain caulking agent for base material, ceramic, metal, wood, hard plastic, glass, concrete, stone material, composite material of interaction of a variety of different materials such as adhesive, caulking, decoration. , the porcelain caulking water also applies to: wash face basin, kitchen sink, toilet, shower room, toilet and ground the joint kitchen cabinets countertops, wall ground tiles, Mosaic tiles, bathtubs seams with metope. In addition, the porcelain caulking water can also be used to place such as kitchen, bathroom, ceiling of Yin wedge, its colour and lustre is natural delicate do not fade, and adhesive properties of strong, waterproof and oil proof alkali erosion, have very strong adornment effect not only, also can effectively prevent the bacteria in these places, let a room space more pure and fresh, live more comfortable, more comfort.
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