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Often do caulking rework? Caulking to help you

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
With the heat of the caulking industry more and more high, many from other industry transformation of the new people to join. Stores open up, all tools are disposed of, thought a small gap filling is easy, really dry up when I found a lot of problems. Are listed below small make up a few common construction details and should not be ignored, for your reference and reference. Problem a: don't cause analysis of sealant: AB components not fully mixing. Qiu dong season using a two-component double tube filled seam an agent construction, recommended brand double tube professional glue guns, in the case of not installed mixing tube unleashed a few more than expected, see gate AB glue evenly on both sides of the plastic pipe construction after the second row of glue. Second glue gun of the push rod should be inspected regularly whether screw loosening, mixing tube is too much burr or screw is too short, these are the cause of glue not stem, the last to be aware of is that mixing tube incision shoulds not be too small, too small incision resistance increase, will cause A, B material discharging imbalance, then not curing condition. Will say next to the detonation tube with air bubble problem, can also lead to do. ( Epoxy resin is influenced by temperature, the largest high summer temperature is thinning, winter cold, thicken. This is the reason why summer cooling and winter to be heated) Problem two: proximate cause of the glue tube tube is filled seam an agent commonly inside the tube caused by pressure resistance is too large. Glue when using uniform glue, unfavorable glue too fast. Mixing tube opening wants moderate, especially the aristocracy series, the inside with sequins, slightly larger openings. Secondly also check whether glue gun of the push rod screw loose, it can also cause the AB pipe stress imbalance, cause detonation tube. The last point is where it need to be aware of qiu dong, when temperature is lower, to start the hot glue. Epoxy resin and curing agent, under the condition of low temperature and consistency will increase, not under the condition of hot glue, violent construction is likely to cause detonation tube. Question 3: glue color just hit the caulking agent vulnerable to water before curing, the moisture influence discoloration caused by curing process, so the construction personnel in the early clear aperture must need to do a job, cracks in damp can assist construction dryer equipment or to stop the construction. Second is filled seam an agent in choose light color series, such as black border discoloration after curing, mostly gap caused no clean. So for the clear don't want to spend too much time gap, but also want to a friend without off color as far as possible, after curing construction advice give preference to a dark color, so eventually appear off color is not so obvious. Problem four: glue with air before construction, unscrewed the cap and bottle down on the ground, more let tube after the air discharge for construction. After construction is a bubble, you have to look for reasons from the several aspects: clean does not reach the designated position, such as water, have heavy oil pollution, dust, mechanical particles, insufficient of sealant with the infiltration in a gas drum around the interface, bubble appeared in the process of solidification. After once played, the glue spreading easily when coated bubble, curing process very prone to bubble last possible aperture is too shallow, rubber cover is too thin, weak prone to bubble. After a bubble, the most direct solution is where there is air bubble more play more scraping back and forth a few times for secondary processing, general is no problem. Problem five: after a short time off construction personnel when the cracks in the cleaning, oil, water or other contaminants must be completely clear, in this way can caulking agent fully infiltrates into ceramic tile interface, formed a strong adhesion. The gap is too shallow, do caulking is easy to fall off is also one of the principle. Caulking agent for this better than the average gap filling agent, adhesion in guarantee workers shovel relaxed at the same time, and ensure that the owner side on caulking agent service life of good user experience. Of course is best in our proposed spade shovel glue, glue time is definitely the best effect. ( Caulking agent is the best curing temperature degrees Celsius, the temperature is too low, construction, can also lead to curing yo) The final conclusion: caulking is a delicate work, starting from the construction before cleaning aperture, until the last shovel of glue end, can be said to be linked together, not sure any of these links, will need to rework the consequences. Do a good job in every detail, to the best effect of caulking appear in front of the customer. Study and analysis, the use of all knowledge that can be used, gradually eliminated, all problems are solved.
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