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One good | do our strength, to help the backbone of the future

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
International as jiangsu xuzhou has a certain influence of local enterprise, has been actively involved in all kinds of charity activities. Recently, people enjoy reading, read 'spring spring mountain' personnel arrived at the international, international operations director Chen being busy, was invited to accept the interview about the book. After detailed communication, Chen and wu always learned that this activity is not only to awaken people to the consciousness of reading, but also to make difficult family, rural left-behind children can have a better reading environment. It makes them very pleasantly surprised, said willing to participate in this kind of positive charity activity, and offered a donation request. People enjoy reading, read 'spring spring mountain' people enjoy reading, read 'spring spring mountain' is a part of xuzhou spring breeze action of nationwide reading movement, the activity leaders agreed to by the municipal civil reading group activities, decided to year during the Spring Festival in the city's extensive. Activities in order to better satisfy the masses of the people, especially the peasants, rural left-behind children and families children's reading demand, combined with the culture of science and technology health 'a program under which officials' 'our holiday' 'our Chinese dream' activities, mobilize social forces to carry out healthy reading promotion activities and precision of volunteer service activities, vigorously carry forward the socialist core values, passed up for good positive energy, promote urban and rural public reading service short board, strength and quality. After confirmed the detail donation, international action up, carefully selected a group of good books for the children good stationery. 'Jinghuayuan', 'scream', 'Robinson Crusoe', and so on by wu always pick a good book, as a new pencil case, pen and ink is placed on the bag. Given by giving children age gap between international when choosing the color of the bag, pencil case, design also chose two kinds of different style. These heavy bag, representing the international deep love for the children. June 21 points in the afternoon, in xuzhou city spring breeze action nationwide reading and reading, read 'spring people enjoy spring mountain' launching ceremony held in rongsheng future city, international together with a love for children participated in the launching ceremony. At the end of the launching ceremony, xuzhou rongsheng square commercial management company, XCMG road machinery division, international industrial co. , LTD. And other love enterprises participate in the donation ceremony love entrepreneurs. International zhu total on behalf of the international company, xuzhou molecules will bag donated to family difficulties, rural left-behind children. And the rest of the bag, it will be to the event after the launch ceremony of unified given the rest of the children not to attend. International is a great pleasure to be the local government for approval, to participate in this charity event. Children are the backbone of the future, it is the hope of the future, thus casting for them a good learning atmosphere and environment, in their future success on the road to help a force, is also very necessary. After the event, international council for another batch of books, stationery, matches by the government to continue to children in need, let the children received the lunar New Year gift. Books are the ladder of human progress, is also a good channel to explore knowledge. Through books, the transmission of knowledge from far away to the children the knowledge of the relatively isolated heart, let they never leave home can feel the beautiful of the world. Let them through the books on the palm, enrich their knowledge, develop their own field of vision, solid foundation for the realization of the ideal self. Believe that these children, these books as a starting point, to explore more knowledge, master more skills and achieve more. International not only take care of the beams of our motherland in the future, but also always concerned about the future of caulking entrepreneurs. International at the beginning of the creation, is with partners and win-win objective. So for a positive entrepreneurs, international never stingy olive branch. According to the current gap filling with entrepreneurs to their own situation the development of the market, the international launched agents, service providers and other business model, for entrepreneurs to choose from. At startup, considering the international entrepreneurs entrepreneurship is not easy, actively provide all kinds of preferential policies for entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs as soon as possible in the local steady heel, to make a market. Feel confused about the entrepreneur on the market, the international training will not regularly held service provider, for these entrepreneurs to charge at any time, timely understanding of caulking market dynamic information, to master the new caulking marketing methods. Through these policies and the two sides to cooperate, international and entrepreneurs have been successful. International gap filling in the market have a certain influence, and let it influence gradually walked out of the country, across all over the world, to Japan, Australia, Canada and other countries. Believe that through the unremitting efforts, by this time in the heart of gratitude, international will go farther, go better. International will expedition set sail!
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