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One good | earthquake relief and assistance and sheer forward!

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Public welfare is a word, it seems very far away from us. But in every corner of life, perhaps there will be the people who need our help. Ceramic tile seam filling agent in seven years of development, has been inseparable from the struggle in the hard work for a line of people. As for their fearless ceramic tile seam filling agent in the market share, reputation is higher and higher, also let the brands of ceramic tile seam filling agent is more and more loud and clear. Such efforts, some accident happened, natural ceramic tile seam filling agent will also help. In early June, then received a report from zhengzhou service manager, Wei Quan for help. Wei Quan is a member of the service manager young power, have always had good grades in zhengzhou area. In late may, however, Wei Quan frequently appeared dizziness, headache, numb, gradually frequent dizzy let he had to temporarily stop the task at hand to check. See a doctor, the doctor suggested that he immediately after he read the brain CT surgery recuperation, he does not believe that. He is back to xuzhou and more comprehensive examination, the left middle cerebral artery stenosis, multiple cerebral infarction, suggest immediate surgery, this time, he believed. He was years old, still young, career has just started, brain surgery high treatment costs, he can't afford to. No surgery, his life, it's very difficult to guarantee. He chose for help. Company after receiving the message, to attach importance to quickly. After an idea of the condition, to placate the Wei Quan mood, I hope he can actively accept treatment. And ceramic tile seam filling agent has promised, will bear corresponding treatments for Wei Quan, so he can be at ease for illness, to recover as soon as possible. Inside, in this time event as an opportunity to spontaneously carried out fundraising activities. Only have three days of time, then received received copy of collecting money, this part of the money enough supporting Wei Quan surgery and postoperative recovery. Thanks to the people, it is your kindness, let Wei Quan can be full of confidence against the disease. Because Wei Quan currently on preoperative physical therapy, so the money has not been delivered to him temporarily. To determine the date of his surgery, the money will be given to Wei Quan. Let us together look forward to Wei Quan surgery recovery day. Public welfare is far away from us, but the heart of good parts have been in flash. Because of unique cultural ceramic tile gap filling agent, let every employee can become emotional family, also can at the time of the family trouble stretched out his hand. Is still struggle in a line of sales staff, agent, service manager, caulking, also are there to support your sale construction road. Construction is confused, professor will construction experience in caulking division. Have fresh air to the ceramic tile seam filling agent market, the intelligence to the service manager, agents, dealers told clearly. Product quality problems, to address consumer satisfaction. Self-worth, is never how much turnover hit a new high, but people have completed the dream of its own to complete. A hard, support. , is the home of the people forever forever.
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