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Oneself do caulking, can save much money?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
In previous articles, have to share yourself do caulking and result in failure, finally decided to spend more money to please master rework redo case, but still have the owner will feel do caulking to save money, but also is simple, therefore, decided to do.

these days, have come across such a case: lives in a village of yuhua district in changsha city, ms shen after the home decoration in general do, want to save money to buy clothes, but your Diy. So, she bought them in electric business platform 10 yuan a gap filling agent, his hands on.

as a result, the hard to two months time, shopping time no save, and porcelain seam also fill potholes, moreover, ms shen before done where caulking has also begun to yellow.

so, we do not to mention his caulking, one thousand not ready, want to spend more money to please the teacher to do original caulking agent shoveled away to don't say, let's take a look at yourself caulking can save much money?

400 ml bottle of caulking agents in the market now is about 20 to 200 yuan, in fact, this is also like we often say & other; A penny, a minute goods & throughout; , in fact, the more expensive caulking agent is not only beautiful, and mildew, crack, and the comparison has good environmental protection; And relatively cheap gap filling agent, beautiful sex is not strong, also cannot mildew resistance, crack resistance, not to mention environmental protection, and the gap filling time is long, classics sun is basked, also can appear like ms shen family situation, completes the caulking agent start yellowing.

suppose my family's living room is 80 * 80 ceramic tile, need 100 meters gap filling agent, we want to buy four gap filling agent, the pursuit of quality and environmental protection, we choose the ideal gap filling agent, about 189 a, our cost is 756 yuan.

in general, the regular brand stores to buy filled seam an agent, is about to buy 10 branch to send 10, equivalent to buy at half price. The price for the general owners, may not need, because they don't need so many really one-time filled seam an agent, but for caulking of professional designers, is a fitting. They bought the same brand for half the price and quality of gap filling agent, then, the sitting room is the same caulking, caulking architects to & other; As for material & throughout; 800 price sold to the owner.

in the end, you see, do your own caulking can save?
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