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Please find Courier, salute to dream of you

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Tribute for the dream of the family: the time is always not willing to wait, time is always in such a hurry, unconsciously and go after one year the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year early one family worship two worship troubles away three worship the same old four sons and daughters of filial piety the elder sister, hello! Remember when the unexpected phone? You still a caulking, find we want the goods, is also this month, because of the heavy snow weather, some slow, you are very angry, we temporary transfer from other service providers, drives his own car to send to you, to solve the urgent need. We have years of cooperation, you now from a caulking t change as our service provider, also replaced a storefront, heard that you recently how to expand the joy, I will separately send you my back a blessing! Brother, hello! Affinity is through the process of training, we start although less twists and turns, but the process is over. We recognize that there is a lot to improve, thank you for your trust, now leave! Don't trust, we have been struggling to change! Although you every time a conversational tone will give entry I have a strong sense of frustration, but also because we accepted your suggestion, we have more scientific and more quickly on payment and settlement; I also gradually changed its way in the communication. Thank you, let us grow! Brother, hello! Virtual years longer, please allow me to call you. You years, and he broke into the workplace, age alone again, your own business, brother I admire your courage! Startup of the lost, alone, helpless, you must have swallowed many of the bitter. Nothing to say, why you say hello, older brother I pull ring, and go all out! Sister, hello! Home improvement industry inherently gets less girl, caulking, day in, running here and there, customer demanding and dirty and hard physical labor, really want to give you a big hug for years, how do you come must considered giving up? The family has not understand? People can wear beautiful skirts and see yourself mixed color? When walking in the rain, isn't it deliberately indulge yourself mood crying so others can't see, a you wronged tears? Realism is not terrible, terrible is that you accept the reality, however, terrible thing, I firmly believe that won't happen with you, cooking, cooking, is to grow up this year, I learned to do their own umbrella on the rampage, do their own gun nobody love dearly love dearly yourself no one hug hug yourself say to myself:, hard work, I'll give the happiness of life is to grow up step by step in seasoning for invulnerability of his bad mood, a bag, send good mood with the wind, left to the New Year, in a hurry, have you ever fell and scraped, there have been embarrassed, seemingly very strong, the heart is lost, we together up! Fireworks world of mortals, sand rolling thunder, ZongGe horses, changfeng, side by side to experience life wash away
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