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Porcelain floor in caulking construction need to pay attention to what issues?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
The use of wood is widespread in decorating in the home, truthfully, the use of wooden floor wanted to pursue to decorate the visual effect of natural wood, and convenience of daily care, porcelain floor may be able to meet your requirements. Porcelain wood floor, inspiration from wood, the outward appearance more than wood. With the inspiration of art of the earth, pure and fresh nature poetry. Between nature and life, and appreciate each forest great gifts. Advantages of porcelain floor: imitation wood such as wood - wood cheap long life porcelain floor prices are relatively common ground brick on the high side, but compared to hold hundreds of yuan a square meter of real wood floor, porcelain floor obviously of great price advantage, and porcelain floor of wood of long service life, wear-resisting, no wax periodically maintenance like wooden products, low cost with long time, is relatively the choice of competitive. Application space expand style texture choice porcelain wood floor can be used on wooden floor inconvenience more use in the kitchen, the space that defend bath, undoubtedly added practicability; On the species, ceramic glaze of porcelain floor of wood of points, glaze glaze grinding, and polishing, glaze polishing, plane concave and convex surface, etc. , all different process to build different texture. Wear resistance and waterproof for easy cleaning and maintenance porcelain floor waterproof treatment on the surface, if there is stained with dust, can be wiped with water directly, porcelain floor also has strong ability to resist pollution at the same time, under normal circumstances, water and neutral detergent standard can finish cleaning, cleaning and maintenance easy than wood. Fire formaldehyde-free environmental protection use rest assured porcelain of wooden floor itself has the characteristics of the flame retardant fire prevention, corrosion resistance, and avoids the problem of wooden floor may exist formaldehyde, is green, environmentally friendly building materials, porcelain floor at the same time the ordinary ceramic tile imitation sliding performance is good, home and children and the old man walking is relatively environmentally friendly. Porcelain floor is good, but after the shop is stuck, still need follow-up caulking construction. Caulking agent has not only beautify the decoration in home outfit, finish tile gap filling with ceramic tile gap filling agent, smooth surface, such as porcelain after solidification, high intensity, abrasion resistance, don't be stained with dirt, have excellent self-cleaning property, easy to clean, wipe clean, can swab with ceramic tile; Shelter evil people and practices easily, can avoid the propagation of crack mold endanger human body health. On the choice of product caulking and construction, here small make up remind consumers should pay attention to the following:. Note to see if there are any more R caulking product standard and is passed the ISO quality management system certification and ISO environmental management system certification, only through the certification of products can rest assured use. 。 Is not to say that a good raw material we will be able to create a good product caulking, in simple terms, is to see whether products production for normal big company, formal caulking production company has advanced and perfect production equipment, and scientific research team as a backing, ask the owner to have no trouble back at home. 。 From the construction point of view, tile gap filling is a long-term investment, fixed amateur construction team since there is no fixed caulking storefront and team, basically belongs to do the work of a sum of money, problems don't have to take responsibility, so should choose as far as possible when construction with after-sale protection construction team. Tip: porcelain wood caulking construction, construction, be sure to check that day, that day. Especially the gap junction, shade horn line, etc. , if wait until the next day, is very trouble to deal with. , summer air temperature is high, easy to moisture evaporation, in the process of caulking construction must not wipe with water, wipe with water is more easy to moisture absorption. Caulking, porcelain, wood floor, after the completion of construction in a completely dry before don't use wet mop to wipe, more do not use cleaning polishing machine to polish. , due to the characteristics of porcelain floor of wood of imitation wood grain, therefore, before do caulking construction must wax! Above for choosing caulking agent products as well as the need to pay attention to during the construction of the main factors, hope everyone don't blind pursuit of low prices, when choosing products must polish eyes, look for the brand, rational consumption, choose suitable caulking products and construction team. We insist on creating value for partners, create opportunities for employees and create happiness for the family, to add to a harmonious society. Ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, from Hong Kong, services across the country, we welcome you to join in at any time, look forward to working with you hand in hand altogether will create the glorious future!
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