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Porcelain seam an agent of the ceramic tile caulking popular construction

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Shop after good ceramic tile, ceramic tile gap obvious, many people use caulking agent for caulking. Caulking agent caulking this ceramic tile gap filling method is out of fashion, a lot of smart people don't have to fill after good ceramic tile shop early seam an agent caulking, caulking agent caulking is practical, and they all like to use porcelain seam an agent, look at this material's good! Porcelain porcelain seam an agent, the advantages of seam an agent of the adhesive properties is very strong, and narrow, can also have very good color solid strength, so it has been a lot of decorate owner of affection. And porcelain seam an agent has a lot of different color, can according to domestic outfit style of different color, use different color to match. In addition, porcelain seam an agent also has very good waterproof, it can also be coated with the paint on the surface.

porcelain seam an agent construction steps need to prepare before construction glue guns, sponge, wiper, Or sponge) , feeding plate, tools, knives and towel and basin. 8 mm grooves, until both sides of the groove is exposed to both sides of the ceramic tile, use dry cloth clean gap, no dust, no loose. Pay special attention to the intersection. 5-1 mm clearance, clip texture paper cross, tidiness and burr. To the lower end of the ceramic slurry tapping 5-6 times, pull, open the glue guns, install the rubber head into the glue gun, glue nozzle installation, discharge the air, and will cut glue 45 & deg; According to the gap size. The mouth, make a 20 to 50 cm of ceramic slurry, you can use a carton pack. The formal construction. Ceramic slurry to be included in the gap, evenly wiper, sponge, or fingers. Erased, tear off with the texture of paper, with a slightly damp sponge to wipe the overflow of ceramic slurry, and then wait for curing. Another way: just don't stick on the texture of paper glue, and then use pressure ball press press it again, and then use ball press, then let it stand for eight hours, winter for 12 hours, pay attention to the dust, and finally put it off. It is worth mentioning that the ceramic slurry don't have to choose the highest hardness, especially the floor heating, thermal expansion and contraction, and hard-paste porcelain slurry will damage the ceramic tile.
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