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Porch place should be how to lay bricks caulking?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Porch is small, decorate will need more effort. Porch is home to replace shoes, change out of coat, etc, is also a visiting guest see the first line of scenery line. Porch decoration, therefore, not only to have sufficient mobile space, also should have certain plan to fully show the owner's personality. On the other hand, as a buffer zone between with indoor, porch decoration also need and huotang legally there is a certain cohesion, make whole decoration form a complete whole. Ceramic tile is varied, adornment effect each are not identical, natural is better choice among reflect individual character, reveal grade. And caulking as good partner of ceramic tile, make ceramic tile aperture keep bright luster, its colorful color also can let the porch space more add temperament. Simple is true - — Personality and simple pure color brick, has always been decorate a style to two direction. Minimalism owner does not pay attention to the adornment of the house, they pay more attention to their quality of life. And most of the decoration in the home as long as do distinct, rational layout. So on the porch decorate, simple pure color brick is more suitable for this kind of owner. The color of the clear pure color brick, can feel when it from the porch of the owners want to express the contracted the nature. If you don't care about the function of the porch and indoor interval, pure color brick can also be used to indoor, let the decorative pattern is more simple, let a space more capacious. Even if is contracted decorate a style, prevent dirty black porcelain joints of caulking is needed. The color of caulking variety, can match most of ceramic tile on the market. Want to hide the contrast between the caulking and ceramic tile, you can choose the color caulking and ceramic tile color close, the three types such as white, grey, pale gold color, make gap filling effect is not abrupt, also echoed with contracted style. Don't walk unusual way - — Creative splicing the porch of small family model, not only cannot be used to the adornment of disjunctive space, such as screen to porch and indoor daylighting also tend to connect together to form a whole. If you need to separate the two Spaces, the owner can choose to use two different kinds of ceramic tile for creative, with different design and color of ceramic tile to isolate the two different space. This method of ceramic tile and brick master requirements are relatively high, the owner can according to oneself and the technology of the local shop is stuck for choice. In general, tiles, the shop is stuck between the cost and labor cost will be higher. And like similar material, shape, the ceramic tile of similar, relatively brick would also reduce some difficulty, but as long as the combined properly, can form the owners want to personality same effect. The shop is stuck difficulty bigger, brick paving the teacher will often choose space to leave a little leeway, so porcelain Mosaic of seam tend to be larger. And wide porcelain, is the moment of caulking performance. Colorful color caulking and creative collage, can let whole porch is adding to the individual character style. Luxurious routines - — Luxury even spelling a flower is the Nordic contracted wind, Mediterranean wind, American pastoral wind and other foreign the aesthetic impact of decorate a style, Chinese style decorates is still most of the owner's choice. Chinese style decorates inherited the Chinese traditional style of atmosphere and stable, low again through a rigorous atmosphere of luxury. , the appearance of the porch as a family in function rich at the same time also need to be slightly. Design rich, luxurious atmosphere effect of ceramic tile, spelling a flower is naturally favor the Chinese owners decoration. Spelling a flower style points of round, square and all kinds of irregular shape, and the integration of a variety of door of ground ceramic tile. And its rich design, accord with aesthetic in the heart, owner can also match their own Chinese amorous feelings. Effect of spelling a flower is beautiful atmosphere, elegant luxury, if used in the gap of golden caulking, more can reflect the beauty of it. As one of the caulking commonly used color, gold and common spelling a flower colors such as black, gold, white is very match. Under the condition of the light is enough, with sequins gold caulking also charming luster is reflected, for the porch light luxury atmosphere more add a point. Advocating classic - — Archaize brick for some owners, they between set contracted and personality. On the one hand, want to have some self interior decoration, also don't want to have too much decoration. And archaize brick contracted design and color and rich color, is met the owner of this kind of 'neutral' requirements. Archaize brick had mostly is the decorative pattern of heavy and complicated, meet the needs of the owners want simple decoration. At the same time, the archaize brick color is more deep, there are also some do old surface treatment, the overall space natural style, reveal charm. In addition, the archaize brick rough surface is contributed to it prevent slippery wear-resisting properties, make it with both beauty and practicality. Archaize brick has a variety of specifications, most of the specifications in the shop, they will set aside a wider porcelain seam. At this point some white collocation, or want to close gap filling color ceramic tile, can let whole atmosphere more add administrative levels feeling restoring ancient ways. Porch space is small, but can clearly reflect the owner for the grade of the decoration, pursuit for the quality of life. Ceramic tile and caulking a common collocation, can let owner don't have to spend more to decorate state of mind, and can obtain satisfactory adornment result. Ceramic tile gap filling agent, which owns, and xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain five brand gap filling agent, products for the different needs of consumers make a different choice. Caulking after many years of independent research and development, has common nearly 20 kinds of caulking color on the market, meet the demand of the owner to the adornment of ceramic tile aperture.
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