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preparations needed before painting a grout

by:Kastar     2020-05-29
You can easily restore or change the grout color using the grout color.You must have noticed that the white mud looks dirty even after cleaning.Can you imagine grinding all the dirt out?looking once-white grout?Even such an idea is enough to make you cry!If the interior designer tells you that your floor has Grout in different colors, will you feel relaxed?Epoxy grouting paint or grouting paint can restore the grouting to an attractive uniform color.It is easy to apply, with white tones, many pre-mixed colors and evencustom colors.Depending on the size of the floor, you need to kneel on the floor for a few hours!Grouting pigment if you do not get the exact color match of the old grouting, there is no need to worry about it.It is enough to obtain grouting paint in several shades.If there is a broken tile or aging grouting, you should replace the tile first and repair the grouting.If you have unglazed tiles for walls or floors, such as natural stone, torrazzo or any original clay tiles, you should seal the tiles before applying the tile grout paint.Otherwise, the grout paint may stain the floor permanently.Any old food, oil, soap residue or grout sealant can be the cause of the failure of the grout coating.Therefore, cleaning the tiles before painting is essential.Sometimes mud is seen on the tile.Cleaning tile grouting is a necessary condition for successful application of grouting coating.Use gloves and goggles when using a rough cleaner.Some grouting coatings made of cleaning products.Don\'t forget to finally rinse with hot water to remove any chemical residue.There are brands in various colors on the market, they have different instructions.First of all, you need to select the grouting coating after reading the instructions.Different color brands will have different drying time, waiting time between coats, and may also be different in use.For example, for some brands, you need to complete the application and cleaning in an hour (which is a more tedious job ).In this case, if the floor is quite large, then you need to stop painting before the whole floor is completely finished and start the final cleaning of the painted floor.In this way, a mediumThe size bathroom can wear a fewhours on the first coat!The floor should be completely clean and dry before starting painting.Ceiling fans help to dry quickly.You have to select the brush before you start.There are various types of brushes on the market, such as throwing away cheap ones.Some people recommend using toothbrushes, but I recommend finding a small and cheap Artist Brush in most hardware or paint shops.Use your fingers through the bristles and comb as much loose hair as possible.It can help you apply grouting material on the tile, even the minimum overlapping pigment coating.You can also use the grouting paint pen for grouting painting.Today, there are also group paint marks on the market, which contain waterPermanent paint without odor-Perfect nonVentilation area.Now, put on your knee pads and get ready for the fun part.Put a small amount of pigment into a shallow and wide container.Take a small amount on the brush, apply to the tile grouting with a long stroke, smooth the paint with the backand-Moving in all directionsand-Gap of grouting.Try to buy a thin, uniform, full oats.The \"pool\" or \"fat\" of the color agent indicates that you apply too much.Do not pour any used pigments into the bottle.You should throw it away.This is the reason, it is recommended to take a small amount at a time.Wipe the excess part from the shallow container with a paper towel and let it dry.You can wash your brush with soap and water to reuse the subsequent coat.If the tiles are ceramic, your paint can overlap the tiles as a slight grind ensures a good seal.You should apply two layers of group paint for long term durability.Sometimes even the third touchNeed up \\ \"coats in some difficult areas.According to the instructions, you may have to remove the excess grout pigment from the tile before applying the second coating.Check the drying time given in the instruction manual.Then, after drying, gently spray the floor with water, wait for a few minutes, then scrub the floor with a lampPlastic wash pads for plastic shower and tile safety.Never use any rough cleaning pads.Clean a small area at a time, rinse the mat with a bucket of cold water until the floor is finished.Grouting paint is waterproof.I hope the grouting paint instructions above will help you.You can enjoy a new, beautiful and bright colored floor with grouting paintings.Grouting paint can successfully change the appearance of the floor permanently.
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