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Prevent mist haze outdoor, indoor ceramic tile aperture has pollution than you think

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Recent haze, let it be on the way from work, school is a state of opaque. Around the corresponding, air quality index are extraordinary, out of every breath like second-hand smoke. To counter the fog haze, work, school in succession with the PM. The elders of masks, often go out morning exercise also temporarily nest and shut the doors and Windows in the home, prevent leakage of haze came into the room. These are a good way to avoid the fog haze pollution effectively, but in fact, some as fog health threat, also hidden in the interior of small aperture. Unknown health threat - — Ceramic tile aperture of ceramic tile aperture, said big not big, said small is not small, as long as it is laid the family of ceramic tile, there will be the existence of ceramic tile aperture. These cracks, according to their own material with horizontal width of the tiles masters, some in the shop, after the brick by brick paving teacher covered with a layer of caulking agent. And as time goes on, some health threat is occuring. Caulking can black - — Some mold filling of joint gap, especially in the bathroom after gap filling gaps in damp environment, such as after a period of time, will be on the surface of caulking grout gives birth to all kinds of black mildew. These black mildew, dense, let a person feel sick at the same time also may be accompanied by an unpleasant smell. They seemingly harmless, in fact, inner check the bacteria is very complex. Both not general bacteria infection to the human body, and there will be some such as staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli and the bacteria produce disease can infect the human body. If the body is weak, the bacteria are likely to enter, has a harmful effect on human body. Gap in the dust - — The gaps between the dust mites and ceramic tile ceramic tile, while narrow, but the depth of it is to be reckoned with. In daily life or cleaning the owner, the ceramic tile of narrow and deep slot if drops some of the dust, in addition to the cleaner's owner, general cleaning cannot to clean up the ceramic tile aperture. Accumulate over a long period, it not only full of dust, and there may be the owner family hair, dander, food residue and so on. And these garbage, food is dust mites. Dust mites acknowledged as the important allergens of bronchial asthma, in addition, people who are allergic to it can also cause symptoms such as asthma, allergic rhinitis. Can say, the quantity of dust mites, to a certain extent determines the such sensitive crowd incidence of respiratory tract. Which filled with dust, hair, dander of ceramic tile aperture, although than quilts, wardrobe, superior environment, but also is a big dust mites the alien land. I don't know the source of odor - — The concept of chemical pollution caulking shortly after the launch, some owners holding the mentality has also done a part of the early adopters, but they have no idea about caulking, may not have sense of caulking product quality. If choose some stick a card, white tube joint sealant products, or to the non-professional caulking do caulking, after a period of time, the owner may smell odor: in some cases, these very pungent taste, difficult to endure; In some cases, they smell and some decoration unique aromatic taste. These taste, seemingly innocuous, actually inner components can be deadly. The pungent odor, were mostly contains all kinds of harsh chemicals, including high levels of formaldehyde. And those smells fragrant smell, is often ignored by the owner of the smell of benzene. Formaldehyde and benzene, it is common to decorate carcinogens. How to make their site - — Using qualified product caulking so count down, small aperture of the health risk is less. Accordingly, when decorate owner should not only will this clean blind area to fill full, more should choose good quality gap filling products, avoid black mildewy, volatilize harmful material in the future. Qualified caulking gun products, generally has the following characteristics: low in the local large-scale building materials market has some stores, shops and exquisite decoration style, has a certain unity. When communicating owner and caulking workers, enthusiastic service, take the initiative to issue its own brand product qualification, samples, let owner trust gap filling effect, etc. Low quantity of the door close room, according to owner's home decorate a style matching can let owner favorite caulking color. Caulking construction not sloppily, bargaining, construction efficiency is high, the rework rate is very low, in agreement within the guarantee period of the caulking can feel free to contact the construction personnel. Low gap filling effect and in-store example room decoration, caulking completely consistent, full color, use after a period of time also won't appear fade, collapse, mildewy, smell, and so on and so forth. When the owner found conform to the above characteristics of caulking brand, they can safely to those brand caulking caulking. Caulking division after a period of caulking carefully, can deliver a home owner already beautiful green caulking. Although our health is often threatened, but as long as through scientific guidance, can easily eliminate these threats, protect our health. Haze is so, the health of ceramic tile aperture blind Angle. Ceramic tile seam filling agent in founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, has been in caulking market operation. Caulking water products cover porcelain, porcelain, waterborne epoxy, the treasure to four categories, to be able to deal with all kinds of building materials gap filling requirements. And, rich colors, do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, let owner experience the beauty and environmental protection of green home life.
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