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Products with large PK skills! Caulking products is important, or construction important?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Just like 'the chicken or the egg came first' philosophical questions, caulking, the owner will often ask caulking t a problem: caulking division products are important, or construction important? For caulking division, it may be a 'proposition'. Said product is important, may find the owners do not need caulking construction, oneself to also can; Said construction is important, the owner may choose to buy some slightly more 'cheap' products, let caulking construction. However, from the dialectical point of view, caulking, whether products or construction is important. Caulking is important product caulking is fill of ceramic tile aperture, and play a decorative role of an ornament. In order to later life convenient, caulking also endowed with the advantages of crack resistance to alkali, easy to clean. Are all these advantages, and caulking is closely related to the quality of the product. Caulking products is mainly composed of epoxy resin, curing grout, pigments, polymer additives, including every raw material slip, later in the construction process will appear all sorts of problems. Such as epoxy resin, the purity is not enough, the late caulking products will appear curing problem such as slow, easy yellowing. If use cheap curing grout, caulking will appear for a long time not stem, flow situation of the wall. If you use the poor quality of the toner, the owner to the naked eye can see more clear off color. Unqualified product caulking of caulking effect to make up for the above defects, some caulking manufacturers may add some other additives in it. Such as ammonium nonylphenol, isocyanate, etc. , these additives can volatilize the excitant stronger not only smell, in a short period of time may let owner, caulking produce allergic phenomenon. If long-term exposure to this kind of gap filling products, more to the owner, caulking irreversibly body damage. But so far, most of caulking market gap filling grout products are normal manufacturer of qualified products factory. If the owner choose active to be found, have test report of caulking products, most gap filling effect is better. Caulking product is through joint r&d caulking product launch, after studying of true porcelain, porcelain water, waterborne epoxy, the four categories of edge. Caulking products all adopt imported raw materials, higher purity, more environmental protection, color is more bright-coloured. In order to make the quality control, also can will product samples sent to national authoritative organization detect regularly, and the public, the test report for customer supervision. Caulking construction is also very important the caulking construction seam or a need to fill in all the manual construction, although caulking construction looks simple, but the doorway is not shallow. Quality qualified product caulking though consistency, curing time is appropriate, but it before fully cured composition relative there will be some unstable. If encountered in the process of solidification dust and water vapor, so caulking effect will sell at a discount greatly. So, in order to protect some fragile caulking products during this period, let owner home can have a good effect of caulking, caulking division during construction will carefully again and again. In the process of caulking construction, for example, caulking division to pay attention to the temperature and humidity of caulking construction environment changes. The temperature of the caulking construction should be ℃ - Between ℃, the temperature below or above this range, caulking division will make corresponding countermeasures. In some rain weather, caulking should shut the window, when construction to prevent the moisture in the gaps in the room make be affected with damp be affected with damp. In addition, the gap in the impurities can also lead to joint sealant products fall off, the phenomenon such as whiskering after curing. Caulking division when cracks in the cleaning up, therefore, to pay attention to whether have reached inside the gap construction standards. Use the shovel or pen knife, scrape some impurity within the gap, only are dust impurities can begin to fill in construction joints. Clear aperture, needs to be done - — Smoking - — Wipe the three general steps. Clear: a knife or with a shovel knife to the dust cleared ceramic tile ceramic tile aperture gap. Absorption: external dust in the industrial vacuum cleaners and dust inside the gang. Clean: with a clean cloth wipe up on both sides will crack. Only in this way can clean ceramic tile aperture, good results lay a solid foundation for the construction of gap filling product. Qing - — Smoking - — In addition to pay attention to the environment, caulking surface whether can achieve the result of smooth, beautiful, also need caulking division of personal experience. Caulking products is relatively thick jelly before curing, caulking division can use glue gun to gap filling into the product. But late to make a smooth or some radian caulking plane, need a caulking division using the seam pressure tool to press a seam. The strength of the seam pressure for caulking excess excess stock gaps in the middle with separate; After the gap junction to pressure in the middle, in the intersection of the both sides, respectively, on the other it again; Yin and Yang Angle aperture complex, caulking division will use with tungsten steel rods for detailed pressure and Angle of Yin and Yang. In a series of practice makes perfect, after the construction of gap filling product can through the caulking construction sends out its charm. Caulking at present, a total of more than thousands of caulking team second-tier cities throughout the country. Caulking team, not only has rich professional knowledge, also has a skilled construction techniques, more thoughtful service, let owner home decorate a better place for caulking. No good caulking product, caulking construction more skilled, caulking will appear all sorts of quality problems. No skilled caulking construction, caulking products again good, also do not qualify the smoothing effect of caulking. Only use good caulking products, coupled with skilled caulking construction, caulking effect can play its proper adornment effect.
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