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Professional construction group, caulking construction step

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Professional construction group caulking construction procedure steps are as follows:

' 】 Reserve seam width design: general joint reserved 1 & ndash; 10 mm wide, 0. 8 - 1. 5 mm deep, narrow seam caulking after the overall effect is good, the width of seam stereoscopic effect is good, when completed, administrative levels feeling is strong, also can adjust the set of ceramic tile size error. Reserve brick joints: use a fixed width embedded in the cross of ceramic tile juncture, make joint width senses are consistent, then use normal white 425 # cement or caulking gun to lay a foundation for caulking, after fill the seams with LiuZi LiuPing, compaction, keep the seam depth at 0. 8 - 1. It is advisable to about 5 mm. To lay a foundation dry period: after the completion of the caulking, make sewing materials dry after appearing, in May for caulking processing. The ceramic tile with dishcloth the dust cleared. Brick joints with white cement or caulking agent after filling the seam strength is high, not easy off powder.

2, 【 】 Tools: caulking gun, pliers, paper knife, waste paper, rags. Choose color caulking gun: usually be determined by customer according to his be fond of, can also be recommended by our company professionals, according to color aesthetics and experience, young people love the color and ceramic tile color contrast big brick joints, white, silver, pearl color, golden color match. steps; discharging mouth landed, blade, with forceps clip is expected to head off, and then install discharging mouth, with paper knife along the thick muscles in discharging mouth cut into slope Angle of 45 degrees, the discharging mouth width should be keep consistent with seam width, lie in discharging mouth can completely into the slot is advisable. Method: the caulking grout into glue guns, slowly expiratory material evenly in the seam, the good coating should be as soon as possible after a scrape board or fingers will sew material in a timely manner in the uniform, leveling achieve smooth surface brightness is good, overflow of material handling: if there is any material overflow in the process of leveling, then with a wet sponge to overflow the caulking grout is clean. Use effect could be achieved with 3 hours.

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