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Pure and natural eternal classic - — Boreal Europe style

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Speaking of the Nordic style, don't believe everyone is special. Since people to decorate a style to have the cognition, the Nordic style was appeared in the people's horizons. Later, the popularity of ikea also makes boreal Europe style completely from the web celebrity style, rapid development for the more popular mainstream decoration style. Contracted and not simple Nordic style, not only to blow the light heavy adornment decorate agitation, also brought the people-oriented concept of decorate. Boreal Europe style of boreal Europe style ( 北欧风格) Refers to the northern European countries in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland in countries such as interior design style. It originated in Scandinavia design style, also known as the 'Scandinavian style'. It mainly use the plain color such as black, white, ash as decoration, on the overall design has the characteristics of simple, natural, human nature. After the above characteristics of boreal Europe style, also affected the contracted, the development of post-modern style. Modern Nordic modern Nordic style, mainly with the style of the Scandinavian designers design, with a simple color theme as a style, using color soft outfit style decoration. In the household, boreal Europe style also to log furniture, cloth art sofa color soft furniture is given priority to. In addition, some human elements in boreal Europe style, and was survived by modern designers. The characteristics of the modern Scandinavian style. Minimalist design as contracted style of the enlightenment, boreal Europe style also advocate contracted. Nordic style of contracted design, pay attention to the expression of smooth lines, also pay attention to the theme of returning to nature. Contracted, which represents the design won't have too much of the design of the mad. According to different space, every environment from top to bottom not too much adornment, in order to keep its original state. The condole top of line is fluent, simple lamp act the role ofing, log furniture, these multiple combination, make an enclosed space can also feel the natural breath. Boreal Europe style also is not all, of course, plain color, it will also use colorful without heavy adornment to let whole space. Some delicate everyday items, such as the purchase is enriched the space color, when use will also add fireworks gas for the home. 。 Space function fuzzy Nordic style stress connect fully, capacious, inside and outside of the space to the consistent with the idea of most people on this point. So the Nordic style, also get the favour of many sun room owner. Each space is introduced in order to convert sunlight, is bound to open the each space between the blocks, so the Nordic style, in addition to the bedroom, bathroom, in other parts of the partition is often not obvious. Sitting room, balcony, kitchen, dining room, mostly in a space with only some soft outfit, furniture style different to distinguish, let a space boundaries blurred. Space fuzzy let whole area look more capacious, also can let sunshine sprinkle more room, increase the sweet feeling. 。 Material selection while northern wind indoor layout looks simple and crude, but it is keeping improving in terms of soft outfit. Boreal Europe style advocate log furniture, and to use the fine processing of logs. They retain the original color of the wood, and wood to maintain the overall smooth texture. In addition to the level of furniture appearance, boreal Europe style also is very strict to the requirement of furniture is practical, every furniture in have to consider when choosing their owner using frequency in the life. Because the Nordic style advocate contracted, need to try to reduce redundant decoration in the home. In addition, also want to consider the convenience degree of the owner family member in the home use, ambry, the height of the platform needs to consider, the height of the tables, chairs, also need to conform to the use of family members. In boreal Europe style, delicate and practical is fusion of each other. Likewise, it and now people praise highly of the concept of environmental protection decoration is consistent. As wood floor prices gradually go up with a series of environmental problems, more important in boreal Europe style of wooden floor has been gradually replaced by wood grain brick. And ceramic tile aperture if not handled, will become a shelter evil people and practices in the future, with the theme of the Nordic style, neat and delicate is violated. Delicate boreal Europe style, also began to think about how ceramic tile aperture processing. Common processing ways of ceramic tile aperture, caulking product is used for decoration. Ceramic tile seam filling agent product on the market of the common color, nearly 20 kinds of caulking grout boreal Europe style in general is given priority to with black, white, grey, caulking product also has the corresponding pearl caulking color such as black, ivory white, silver moonlight. If the owner think personality needs to be bright, caulking has other custom color for the owner to choose from. At the same time of color variety, caulking products also have environmental quality. Caulking products regularly via authority detection, test results are all qualified. Contracted and delicate, elegant and simple set each other off the Nordic style, now is still one of the mainstream of the full of fashionable feeling decorates a style. If you want to experience the Nordic natural amorous feelings, the pursuit of the owner of a refined, sophisticated life, might as well try it, believe it can bring more surprise for your life.
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