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Rainy days do any tricks the caulking construction?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Due to seasonal rainy, humid and hot, the air is not smooth, many friends were worried about decorate quality decorate. Encounter rainy weather often to the detriment of bricklayer's shop is stuck, is not conducive to woodworking making cabinet, more conducive to dry caulking agent construction. When household is decorated ceramic tile gap filling what aspects need to pay attention to? Caulking small make up today in the meiyu season caulking and share the product easy to appear problem, and should how to avoid such problems in the construction. Why be affected with damp be affected with damp rainy season construction phenomenon? First of all, we must first understand product caulking construction discoloration reasons for this phenomenon. A two-component caulking product main component is epoxy resin, curing agent and pigment. And because the oxygen molecules in epoxy resin and curing agent and water contact, can lead to chemical reaction, pigment body will change color, appear dark, white or transparent occur likely. So, in construction process is not have water or water vapor. Especially during the plum-rain season, more need to decorate owner and caulking of the workers' attention, avoid to touch water become angry phenomenon. The matters need to be aware of the construction of be affected with damp be affected with damp, caulking, and before the construction attention if there is a gap filling between brick joints. Just think: if the caulking agent of ceramic tile is not dry, is for ceramic tile gap filling agent filling? Probably the effect will be counterproductive. It is a good material, will therefore be affected with damp be affected with damp or discoloration. Especially in moisture, airiness general toilet and bathroom area. So you must be aware of before for caulking construction brick seam between before ever with lime, white cement caulking. If the jointing is white cement, lime and must make corresponding processing, to continue the caulking. Because white cement in rain or wet weather can absorb the moisture in the air, make the caulking discoloration, even can't cure. Be sure to keep indoor dry, construction process. Reduce the moisture content of air, is the way to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp. This is very important. Conditional word, can use the dryer keep indoor dry, don't let the humidity, effect. Or use the window before undergoing caulking construction to improve the indoor temperature, to solve the problem of indoor humidity. Check carefully, after construction and maintain indoor dry. Sometimes even be affected with damp be affected with damp of ceramic tile aperture, the beginning is not easy to see. But after curing will appear intermittent white phenomenon, so for construction team in the industry of word of mouth can have certain effect. Caulking products after be affected with damp be affected with damp, the brightness of the surface below the usual standard, color also will be a little dull and fuzzy, in this case, after construction inspection and handling in time, can reduce secondary construction of trouble. Will need to seal the window after the construction, maintain indoor dry, it can prevent the rain and humid air into the indoor, result in solidification process of moisture absorption and pale. Caulking construction tip: summer rainy day. During the rainy season to pay attention to indoor dry, reduce the moisture of the air, can use hot air fan to reduce the humidity in the room. 。 Construction must pay attention to the sealed Windows, with a dry cotton ball gap to clean up again. After construction must be on the day of inspection, reduce unnecessary trouble. 。 If before the caulking with caulking agent to fill a gap, pay attention to the gap has not get damp. If get damp dry in time, keep the gap within the dry. 。 After the rainy season construction to caulking agent curing with warm wind, before the open, maintain indoor dry prevent absorption of moisture in the process of curing and pale. End, small make up sincere advice, in conditions allow, make ceramic tile gap filling agent construction try not to use the gap filling agent, avoid the lingering effects of the construction effect.
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