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Reading quantity exceeds 600 million, chengguan please practice vendor, vendor to encounter

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
A man with a pair of glasses, pulling a flat car, run a booth at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, are selling electronic watch, later also wholesale roller skates, sports shorts. His name is liu, this is the cadre personnel bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Years, lenovo's profit for the year has arrived, the company is being directly once cheated. Mr Liu to get each other live, carrying a cake of plank brick, run to squat down for two weeks, wish no end, however, didn't take the lower brick, such as soft. Years, after open restaurant failures, liu went to zhongguancun, a less than 4 square meters of the counter, selling burners and CDS. Called: 'the jingdong multimedia', used his girlfriend's name. Presumably when wandering in the zhongguancun IT people, or can hear the east elder brother cries: eldest brother, to offer? Mr Ma and his friend founded hai bo translation club, the results of the first monthly income is RMB. Jack ma, a man carrying a big bag to guangzhou replenish onr's stock, street vendor selling small gifts, selling flowers, selling books, also sell medicine to the hospital, next to the barefoot doctors. May the horse dad now complete operation skill, is then laid a strong foundation. It is with these lucrative booth in extra money, ma hai bo translation club to be able to survive. Facing unemployment worldwide, unfold the threshold low, employment range of business, was suddenly stretched to the point of staggering, prime minister, as the voice of 'squatter communities' backed by day time, ali, jingdong, tencent and other bosses also launched an interest-free loan up. 'Vendors' daughter-in-law up into a woman, finally once more to appear negative image in the context of the official, what ban, blow, curing, ordered, rectification, usually collocation is the 'vendor'. Now, turn vendors to sing, hall of the leader of a new wave of economic points. Perhaps which day, which also make an liu, ma new heroes. A few days ago, just go out at night to night market have a rare sumptuous meal, what a coincidence, encounter do caulking a baker sells the ramen, thought a career change, small talk a few words to understand. Because of the outbreak, almost all industries are horrible, fu nest under which have good egg? Not, middle months to crop failures, just some improvement in recent months, but the landlord much surplus ', to make ends meet, can only do a part-time job to do. But not all is not its main business, professional sensitive, let he and casual ChiKe talked about the thing that decorate, you don't say, return true have recently of the Lord. This is in the end it's all worthwhile. In fact, it is nothing, put a wave of truly turned the Lord give you Chou Chou. Way more and more narrow, the market environment increasingly brutal, counsel for a living way became imminent choice. I should take the initiative to participate in 'street economy', contribute to the return of the city of fireworks gas, is beneficial to reshape group social image, to remove the past closed behind closed doors, with the rhythm of hat, become the main force of economic recovery. First entered the alley, into the street, walked into the community, close to the people. Compared with to be a vendor experience for a long time, I have irreplaceable advantage of others. First of all, no stress, no historical burden. Vendors are past and chengguan guerrilla war, the relationship between mice and cat, vendors must raise your hand is cast sufficient support, had a hit a shot in the life of a place, in the long term, face without a smile and confidence gradually. Country advocates 'squatter communities' today, however, with prime minister endorsed, I sometimes move, come from famous, is proud, proud and confident of vendors. Second, we good at most? Good physical strength, long-term bent, squat, upturned, practice waist, a pair of iron with noodles, noodles, moving goods belong to heavy physical strength, perfect fit. Gimmick stability: the original gap millimeter only, we can all fit, smashed the noodles that pull a pull, it is out of the gate. Eye poison: select caulking agent is a skill, color, texture and after sales service, materials calculation, construction details, project negotiations, etc. One careless move, one false move may lose the game, and the booth location, material, pricing of choose and buy high and low dosage, flour, taste is a cinch. Name, used all kinds of 'ecological elegant porcelain' the color of the western style, what 'lauren black, grey, brown and porcelain white, cream-colored' of the ou dian, fall back such as flow, charting, presumably on a booth name than what aunt 'fat Fried string', 'Mr Two chicken' to the eyes. Giant can endure: before often contact to pick and choose not to buy, gossip to wrangle, critical get fresh, the average person easy to explode. I had already learned to remember god teaching concept, think this is all the contradictions among the people, the party education we better accommodating, talk things over solve, so the guests of the booth, the two words: to win! Era in the call, the people on the move, since we are all so promising, that is dry or not? Don't do it, the other, with you! ( Ha ha) Why? Because of the caulking designers have to work overtime at night. Customer service:
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