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Renovation of the basic requirement of waterproof coating

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Waterproof engineering should be how to do? Caulking small make up today to tell you, first is the 'water' against doing waterproof construction processing. Waterproof means is to prevent the water of the inner concrete layer, interior corrosion leakage. We are using concrete building roof, the water is pervasive, soak for a long time of concrete and corrosion damage, prevent water damage to buildings, so, must do the waterproof construction processing. Waterproof engineering should be how to do? Share with you: ceramic tile seam filling agent manufacturer. Waterproof engineering requirements are as follows: the basic requirement of waterproof project and waterproofing materials contact interface cannot appear dust, paper scraps, sludge, small stones, and because of the poor adhesion and solar ultraviolet radiation damage, can't slack and waterproof thin appearance. Due to the increasing building its own heat and cold contraction, and the damage of water vapor pressure, easy to form membrane aging, waterproof effect. 。 Targeted leak treatment method, so to speak, water everywhere. Water by wind pressure, convection, impact and adhesion force gradually penetrated into the inside of a house, can't see the outside world in the process of infiltration. Therefore, should be waterproof engineering. In order to deal with leakage, it is necessary to find out the location of the actual leak, carries on the analysis, processing leak problem. 。 When external water pressure of water infiltration into the structure of the house, in the limited space, when the sun exposure and attack the heat energy in the sun, it will constitute water vapor, water vapor on the membrane stress and pressure, a damage to the waterproof layer. Lead to falling wall, damp, mildew, cracking.
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