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Return an attention put forward a couple of old ceramic tile do caulking, effect than

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
In many people's opinion, ceramic tile gap filling is decorated in the bridal chamber, only when such a new look more bright beautiful, also can always protect the use of ceramic tile. Actually caulking is not limited to, what time do to do no rules only, bridal chamber is decorated, in the old house of old ceramic tile can also do caulking, as good effect. So do you want to be old ceramic tile gap filling, need to pay attention to what aspects?

1, the gap is too dirty

the old and new ceramic tile ceramic tile is different, the old tile use longer and crack in the accumulated a lot of dust, if want to do caulking, ceramic tile aperture must seriously be removed. And some ceramic tile aperture size is differ, the inside is filled with cement, needed a professional grinding machine, cement out from the gap, can clear the width.

2, ceramic tile surface wear much

through the use of old ceramic tile, badly damaged on surface, some ceramic tile glaze has even been badly scratched. Like this kind of old ceramic tile, even if the surface is smooth, when doing the caulking should also be labeled and crepe paper with caulking wax, avoid caulking agent on ceramic tile clean out.

3, ceramic tile at the bottom of the damp

the elder to use ceramic tile, natural causes and think that the reason, will lead to the bottom of the ceramic tile is damper, want to do caulking, ceramic tile aperture must be kept dry. Want to know whether or not his ceramic tile aperture, damp can into a tissue in the gap, such as pick out again after 24 hours. If gap damp paper towel is a little soft collapse, all, need to do the gap drying and caulking. If there is no change, explain aperture is not wet, can do caulking directly.

4, ceramic tile is loose

ceramic tile use time is too long, at the bottom of the slurry shrinkage, loose tile appear empty drum, is very normal things, in this case must not do caulking directly. Although caulking can stable ceramic tile, prevent loose, but ceramic tile in loose when do caulking, affect the caulking agent and the curing effect of adhesion. Loose tiles must hold again to do it again, this is the best effect.

as long as careful attention to these problems, the old ceramic tile subsequent caulking construction is simple, make to the effect of new ceramic tile is worse than not.
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