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Romantic bay window, let a bedroom become more style

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Time is infinite good, window live up to! Modern people are more or less have romantic bay window, hope to have a small corner in the home, can hold our own hours of light. Sunshine, make a cup of hot coffee, sweet like reading a novel, if all this happens in gone with the wind window, is more comfortable than sitting at a desk to come! But first, you have to have a high level of appearance of the window. You want to bay window is this? People with wave complex window will build according to their personality preferences window, but, who will empty have a beauty 'vase'? Combine the practicability of bay window, will greatly increase the decorative effect of indoor. Receive a role floating window actually has a powerful receive a function, as long as make good use of the position of the window, without sundry no place to put the trouble! The most practical is to receive books, not only beautiful and easy, along with it. Floating window can be put above a few pillow, lie in the above reading should be a good function in the afternoon or at the weekend leisure, enjoy ~ can be used as a leisure, reading area using the multi-function wave window, dinner, and his family nest in the wave window in the sun, a bug, or about three five friends, chat together, or a person curtilage in the home, is the warm sunshine, a pot of tea or a cup of coffee, is a pleasant time. Have a role in the bedroom window is compared commonly small, encountered the problem, we can consider only spread a layer of wool blanket in the floating window decoration design, daylighting is good during the day, night can watch the scenery out of the window, also can meet the needs of enlarge a space, make the room look more sweet feeling. Some owners are thinking of design wave window into bed, but the first to consider is safety problem, the guarantee the window under the condition of bearing capacity, windowsill ceramic tile ceramic tile gap filling materials used to choose good brand effect of antibacterial mouldproof, responsible for their own health, enjoying happiness is the premise that lives in the life. Some people say that the area of the floating window is so small? Need I do caulking? The answer is yes! Can imagine, if you don't do caulking, bay window used within a few months, after ceramic tile aperture can accumulate a lot of dirt, bacteria and may begin to reproduce, would you like to play in such a full of bacteria on the ceramic tile of? 吗? Both practical and decorative ceramic tile gap filling agent, can not only effectively resist all kinds of dirt outside bacteria invasion of ceramic tile aperture, it keeps bright beautiful beautiful colour can let ceramic tile aperture, such as porcelain. One home caulking belongs to the Hong Kong international industrial co. , LTD. , focusing on the caulking building materials industry, the company always adhere to the 'scientific and technological innovation, win-win cooperation, good faith' concept of development, gather research and development, production, sales, construction link, dedicated to new and high technology and quality service. Company has been established in the ceramic tile seam filling agent market marketing experience, and constantly get the affirmation of the authority of industry recognition and honor, a set of mature operating mode and a sound management system, will be joining the hope for each international partner to provide a set of mature marketing support plan, help partners more accurately grasp the market, maximize reduce to ceramic tile seam filling agent marketing risk. Caulking agent all the performance passed authority detection, does not contain formaldehyde, free formaldehyde, benzene, nonylphenol, heavy metals and other harmful substances. Every bottle of caulking agent has caulking anti-counterfeiting query code of BMSC 'by the good faith strives for the development, strives for the survival by the quality' business philosophy, focus on research and development, the control production, set up perfect quality management system, give partners and the owner of the largest quality guarantee!
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