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Selected method of the ceramic tile of toilet

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Toilet, occupied space is small, but the effect is not small. Because it is in the life, the importance of the owners in decorating a process, it also attaches great importance to. In order to make toilet can achieve a balance between good and practical, the owner of the adornment of metope, ground resistance tends to choose the ceramic tile of dirty water. But the ceramic tile between categories, the price is far, how should choose to suit in a variety of ceramic tile that one? Choose the ceramic tile is bibulous rate is low due to the need of life, the toilet of ceramic tile surface in contact with the water for a long time, although the bathroom is generally made waterproof processing, but the long-term water erosion, make ceramic tile on the surface of the water gradually absorbed by the cement base, and then produce the bad phenomena such as ceramic tile whiskering, get damp. So when choosing a ceramic tile, should choose the ceramic tile bibulous rate is slightly lower. Bibulous the ceramic tile with low rate even if the surface has a lot of water, able to penetrate down will be less. Although demand low water absorption, ceramic tile is not bibulous rate is lower the better, the ceramic tile with low water absorption can lead to the cohesive force of ceramic tile is insufficient, so ceramic tile to bibulous rate also have a set of standards. According to the newly revised 'brick of pottery and porcelain' ( GBT - ) Standard, the water absorption of brick of pottery and porcelain standards are: porcelain tiles ( Water absorption E or less. %) Ceramic tile (or urn-shaped Water absorption. %≤E≤%) Or urn-shaped mass brick ( Bibulous rate % E % or less or less) , ceramic brick, Bibulous rate is more than %) Owner, within the scope of these choose appropriate ceramic tile can slightly lower. Choose the ceramic tile ceramic tile quality of a material is high density, especially ground brick, every day, under pressure from furniture, owner activity, inside toilet is no exception. And ceramic tile are hard to change of construction materials, therefore, when choosing ceramic tile texture should choose ceramic tile of hardness is higher, the ceramic tile of texture density is higher. The ceramic tile laying on the ground, after decades will not be easily damaged. Owners when choosing ceramic tile, can be judged by hitting ceramic tile to listen to sound, appear more ringing voice, says the quality of a material density of ceramic tile is taller, the hardness will be better. Choose to prevent slippery ceramic tile of toilet due to water more, environment will be wet, often also have some water on the surface of the ceramic tile, so the ground is wet, also old person, child accidentally will likely fall. So, when choosing ceramic tile should be prevent slippery ceramic tile of toilet choose bigger friction. Prevent slippery ceramic tile is generally divided into dumb smooth ceramic tile and ceramic tile surface uneven, the two types of ceramic tile in the majority with glazed pottery, archaize brick and other types. Because they have many colors, so the owner don't have to worry about with the outside world style inside toilet can't reasonable collocation, bold choose the color that oneself like. When ceramic tile of choose and buy, the owner can use the hand touch water friction surface, look have a rough handle, if there is obvious by the feeling of friction, then explain the prevent slippery ceramic tile prevent slippery, can choose. Dry wet depart when choose a different color after dry wet depart of toilet, on the one hand makes whole space has the clear division of function is more obvious. Such division, on the other hand, also can let owner according to the difference of different functional area clean, clean more effort. In addition, if the toilet with water stone, the ceramic tile of different design and color also can let the owner and his family see the obstacles in the process of use and prevent the happening of the accident. On the design and color is tie-in, the owner may, according to different door model, different decorate a style to match as a reference. If wet area of the space is lesser, can choose in the wet zone some ceramic tile tile color such as comparative jump to as decoration, and vice versa. If the whole space is small, the owner can be arranged at the boundaries of dry wet depart waist line, Mosaic, such as decorative ceramic tile, let some intervals between wet and dry. Ceramic tile of toilet good partner - — Caulking long-term moisture inside toilet, although able to stop the erosion of water vapor, mould of ceramic tile itself, but in the ceramic tile on both sides of the gap is not able to resist. In the process of water damage, soap stains infiltration aperture, some microbes, bacteria will gradually encamped in internal cracks in the ceramic tile, a threat to the health of the family. As a result, the ceramic tile ceramic tile seam filling grout good partner arises at the historic moment, let the adornment inside toilet without regret. Caulking can be filled seam an grout products into the interior of ceramic tile aperture, to form a protective layer of ceramic tile aperture. The protective layer of smooth surface, such as porcelain, waterproof antifouling, inside toilet, soap stains cannot through the infiltration of caulking, prevents the formation of bacteria in the ceramic tile aperture. And caulking product color with diversity, can with all sorts of color ceramic tile, decorate a style to match, carry bright owner home decorate grade. But good and evil people mixed up, caulking brands owner in need to choose a good public praise in the industry, when choosing a certain qualification brand of caulking. Caulking products in caulking industry has developed for years, porcelain, porcelain with water, waterborne epoxy, beauty professional gap filling products, such as the side between the owner and caulking practitioners has a good reputation. Caulking product diversity, full color beautiful, with most of the ceramic tile on the market of design and color combination, reasonable are the ceramic tile of owner trustworthy partner, add more to the whole decoration of toilet.
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