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Share: true porcelain glue and caulking agent is the difference?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
In the previous issue of share, the small make up of caulking agent to introduce the true porcelain have glue and the definition of the filled seam an agent. True porcelain glue: porcelain is a kind of reactive two-component glue joint sealant products, applicable to all kinds of ceramic tile floor, ceramic tile walls, the sink and tub, sit implement, countertop, stone, ceramic or stone door building materials of adhesive and aperture fill beautification. And caulking agent? Is upgrade of jointing agent products, decorative practicality of caulking agent is superior to color caulking agent. Not beautiful solved ceramic tile gap filling and dirty black issues. New caulking agent seam an agent do not need to fill in the bottom, you can directly fill after ceramic tile adhesive added to ceramic tile aperture. Suitable for mm above the gap filling, construction and convenient than ordinary is filled seam an agent the upgrading of products. , beautiful porcelain adhesive bonding performance better than the gap filling agent, and more hard, sturdy and durable, but from the perspectives of waterproof mouldproof oily be soiled, both close to each other. Both are not easy to dirty, easy to scrub. 。 Caulking agent on appearance than porcelain fine point glue, appear natural, color is rich. The true porcelain glue single color, without too much choice. Gloss is inferior to other caulking agent beautiful porcelain glue, toughness slightly lower than that of ceramic tile gap filling agent, the expansion of ceramic tile more advantageous. 。 Beautiful porcelain is a two-component glue, rigidity, more hard, is not suitable for small cracks in the ceramic tile. Caulking agent toughness is better. 。 Beautiful porcelain gum is a kind of relatively high-grade decoration material, the price is higher. Caulking agent is relatively much cheaper, because is used to beautify, more suitable for the public. That's a porcelain glue and differences of the two products? If said popular point is the gap filling small make up for you arrange the following three points. , different caulking agent of natural delicate appearance, color is rich, can undertake collocation well with all kinds of ceramic tile, whereas true colors basically only a white porcelain gel, users do not have a variety of colors to choose from. , the performance of different true porcelain glue adhesive ability better than caulking agent, surface as hard as stone, strong and durable. , construction area of different rubber because of true porcelain generally refers to two components, or rigid, more hard, weak in ceramic tile aperture, is only suitable for use in hutch defends horn, Yin and Yang and caulking agent is resilient, suitable for use in ceramic tile aperture.
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