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should you seal your ceramic tile?

by:Kastar     2020-05-31
If done well, sealing the tiles can be beneficial, but it is not done properly and the future of the floor can be in serious danger!
I would like to clarify the record about the grouting of sealed tiles.
It\'s not speculation, I say, but 14 years of experience.
As long as the manufacturer wants you to believe that sealing your grout won\'t last long.
If you seal your mud with a 5 year warranty seal, you will be lucky if it lasts for 6 months, especially if you seal the mud where you have a lot of water in the bathroom.
If you are going to seal your mud, it must be done in a very strict and thoughtful manner.
First of all, you have to use a high quality sealer. (
This is usually converted into a more expensive seal. )
Remember your investment in just installing tiles at home.
You should spend $100 or more per gallon and don\'t be content with anything cheaper.
What is more important than the sealer is the maintenance you perform on the floor to keep the floor clean.
Never use a lot of soap or detergent to clean the tiles.
It is best to use a mixture of white vinegar and water. 10 oz.
Three gallons of water is enough.
Soap will dim the floor, leaving a sticky residue that will attract dirt.
Also, your mop should be replaced frequently.
Nothing makes the floor look worse than a dirty mop head.
Since most people do not follow a strict method of cleaning the floor, the sealing device that has been used has lost most of its life expectancy.
In turn, when your mud needs professional cleaning, the dirt under the sealing device due to improper cleaning will actually inhibit the cleaning process, resulting in the cleaning result being below standard.
For this reason, I don\'t even advise my customers to seal their mud.
It is best not to seal the mud and wash it professionally every year or two.
Believe what I said is true.
I make money by cleaning and sealing mud in people\'s homes, so why should I reject this opportunity?
Since it doesn\'t work that well, I refuse to give my customers something they really don\'t need.
The bottom line is that if you\'re going to seal your mud, make sure it\'s professional and then you have to clean it regularly as much as I do.
If you feel you don\'t have time to clean this way, then don\'t seal it and waste your money.
This will only make you more headaches in the long run.
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