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Small high-rise daylighting is insufficient how to solve?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
The emergence of small high-rise solved most of the owner of the residential demand. But due to the gap between the floors, building and building, door model, the influence of such factors as the daylighting of the small high-rise shortage has become the owner more headaches. In for security reasons can not move under the premise of family structure, how to use some decoration to make up for the shortage? Think, can late rely mainly on ceramic tile, ceramic tile gap filling agent, soft outfit these three aspects to improve the daylighting of the small high-rise. One, ceramic tile, choose light color ceramic tile because the daylighting of the room is not good, so special attention should be paid to when decorate colour collocation between use. In has more dark environment, choose the ceramic tile of dark looks more lack of sunlight will make the overall environment. So this type of ceramic tile color of the room, should be white, cream-colored, silver, yellow light color fastens. If the owner also used when decorate the wall brick, wall brick also want to choose the light color ceramic tile and floor tile under the same color. Choose light color ceramic tile, the purpose of is to increase indoor colour brightness, even less sufficient indoor daylighting, can feel the bright from the visual effect. Glance, choice on the basis of choice light color ceramic tile ceramic tile, the owner must also choose reflective good ceramic tile, such as polished tile, glazed ceramic tile surface can almost see exactly like the ceramic tile of people. Reflective rate to better explain the glossiness of ceramic tile itself is good, even in relatively dim space, this kind of ceramic tile can also reflect a certain luster, make whole room bright effect naturally. Second, caulking, and select the color similar to ceramic tile ceramic tile ceramic tile seam filling agent filled seam an agent, as a new decoration material, ceramic tile aperture can be protected from bacterial contamination. At the same time, the ceramic tile seam filling agent and colorful color also can bring new decorating effects for ceramic tile. In the indoor daylighting is insufficient, need to choose color and ceramic tile ceramic tile seam filling agent of similar color, such as white, light color, gold, silver etc. Under the same light color decoration, not only can enlarge field of vision, also can achieve the effect of the room to improve brightness. , choose the ceramic tile with sequins more caulking agent and reflective is similar to the principle of ceramic tile, ceramic tile seam filling agent products must also choose better color reflective rate. Although the current ceramic tile seam filling agent products commonly used color ( In addition to the epoxy) Is the color of the light type, but want to with ceramic tile itself is of the same shining sequins series. Common big sequins color with shiny gold, shiny silver, etc. , and reflective tile tie-in effect is better also. Because of the large sequins color in the ceramic tile in the wide seam caulking agent effect is better, so if the owners have to use this kind of color idea, should remind tiles in the brick paving the teacher left a wide gap. In general, mm. . . 。 Mm is enough. Three, soft outfit, don't do condole top, according to a different door model the height will be different between small high-rise. If the height of the sitting room below. M, owners do condole top is not recommended. Because less than m the condole top of low-rise high, not only can easily form the oppressive feeling, also can reduce indoor daylighting, daylighting makes itself is not very good small family further hit. If the owner need certain shading effect on sitting room metope, the owner can choose to be a circle gesso line to achieve a goal. , choose fully decorate material and reflective rate corresponding to a good ceramic tile, in the room decorate a process, the owner can use more glass, metal, such as permeability good materials for decoration. In the small family use mirror element, more able to take advantage of the mirror reflection principle to increase indoor light, coupled with the reflected light of ceramic tile can form a relatively good light cycle. At the same time, the picture reflected by the mirror, can also result in greater space on the vision. , appropriate space overall arrangement in household, although as a whole has been biased towards light color fastens decoration, but also should choose a few white space decoration element, such as the ceiling, a sofa, a desk and chair, etc. White can reflect any light, so has a very good reflective effect. Appropriate purchase some white furniture, can cooperate with other indoor decorative elements, will be the appropriate remedy of daylighting inadequacy. , indoor light rain weather, daylighting is bad small family can appear darker. So in the process of soft outfit, the owner also must pay attention to the indoor lamplight decorate, flexible use of floor lamp, wall lamp, dome light between the light refraction and the fusion, with soft outfit before decorate, let a space as a whole in the case of poor natural light can also have a relatively bright environment. Daylighting is insufficient, although it is a pity thing, but with some soft outfit packaging, also can to a certain extent, solve the problem. The addition of ceramic tile gap filling agent, can not only assist the daylighting of the whole, also can bring different for whole decorate a style decorates the effect. Ceramic tile seam filling agent products have common on the market nearly 20 kinds of color ceramic tile gap filling agent, can meet the demand of most of the owner of the decorative ceramic tile gap filling agent. In addition, also has more customized color, let owner while enjoy professional ceramic tile gap filling agent, can also witness for ceramic tile gap filling agent and metamorphosis of whole decorate a style. Ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, professional for ceramic tile seam filling agent.
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