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Small problems, big trouble! Caulking do exactly why?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Ceramic tile seam filling agent is now very popular, can add tile effect after caulking, major is caulking, of course, the teacher make sure the effect will be better, but the gap filling process is not complicated, simple learning can be start. To communicate with netizens, many intend to caulking, can rest a little after all, the mainest is done will feel a sense of accomplishment. The selection method of ceramic tile toilet? Small make up time is summarized, and see if I can help you. Small problems, big trouble! Caulking do exactly why? With the continuous development of caulking industry, more and more people begin to pay close attention to ceramic tile gap filling, there are also some people turned the caulking division; Many novice teacher due to the short contact time, lack of construction experience, in construction but don't know how to solve the problems; To check information, answer is too general to let a person cannot fully understand, but after watching the presented new often confused. So today, small make up take time to sort out the common problems and matters needing attention before and after the construction, for each gap filling master reference. : construction materials must be evenly mixed, caulking products of two pipe materials in the body can only produce the best mixing effect, gloss, durability will be better and better. : construction, aperture, be sure to fill especially in greenhouse and wide aperture room; The collapse of many after construction, the problem such as craze, mostly caused by incompletely filled. : before construction completes the crack-cleaning health work, such as clean gap, to keep the environment clean during construction, the construction guarantee the humidity and temperature, within hours after watch the dust, oil and water pollution.
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