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Some common decorate myth, TV setting wall move you?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Even now, people use mobile phones and other electronic equipment for a long time, but when decorate, or there will be many owners choose a TV in the sitting room the purchase. Of the sitting room TV, TV decorative background behind the wall, as an indispensable part of family atmosphere. And setting wall adornment is outstanding, also affected the style of whole sitting room. So, the following several common misconceptions about when decorating, can avoid the error when decorate owner, let owner has a TV setting wall full of bright spots. Myth: background wall area is big, some owners think, since it is for decoration, so TV setting wall should be the bigger the better. Decorate in some instances, the TV setting wall of indomitable spirit, though at the beginning will feel very shocked, but a closer look, you will find this kind of adornment method has some problems. If the whole of the sitting room area is lesser, use less the decorative wall of large area, space is no part of the white space, give a person feel very depressed. In addition, TV setting wall is designed to decorate the part behind the TV, in order to let people watching TV there is a better experience. If TV setting wall is not in conformity with the TV size, size, so the owner while watching TV will also don't feel very well. So TV setting wall is not the bigger the better, but according to the owner of the purchase television to decide the size of the background wall and theme. Erroneous zone 2: complete the setting wall put sofa many homeowners are going one step at a time when decorate, when decorating a wall of setting of think it a good choice. In the later when choosing furniture, without considering their own decoration, think that these furniture beautiful home, is the purchase until the furniture in the home only to find that the size is wrong, collocation is not consistent, and so on and so forth. Decoration is a need to plan project, even if the owners are not professional construction personnel, also want to decorate in the mind of his own home have a certain idea. When decorating a TV setting wall, must think of yourself is what kind of TV, after the purchase of sofa need to put in what position, how much size, the rest also need better furniture to experience and so on. Simple programming, can get twice the result with half the effort. Myth 3: must have light lights in the home to decorate metope is a issue for the owners, many of the owners think that watching TV in poor lighting conditions, can increase the probability of a child myopia. In order to prevent this situation, will add a few lights on TV setting wall, open when children are watching TV. Although it is true that the light environment on the eyes looking at the things have a certain influence, but under the background of light enough to watch TV for a long time will also constitute a visual fatigue, deepen myopia rate. Open the lamp for a long time, at the same time, also will be unfavorable to save energy. Owner should consider oneself the lamplight of the sitting room environment, rational choice. If the light inside the sitting room, can choose a softer light bulbs. Myth 4: caulking tile setting wall do not good-looking of some of the more serious the owner may choose to use all kinds of spelling a flower as a TV setting wall ceramic tile, spelling a flower design and color of ceramic tile itself is rich, plus is the wall brick, the owner will feel no need to do caulking, and sew brick leave very thin, it is bad. Floor tile of wall brick although there is really no easy to shelter evil people and practices, but in the long life, there will be some dust, bacteria, with the wind gone with the wind into the brick wall. Also need to heat bilges cold shrink and wall brick, brick seam is too small to stay, wall brick projected porcelain phenomenon will occur. Therefore, in order to wall brick do caulking is necessary. In order to highlight the design and color of ceramic tile spelling a flower, the owner can choose a few low-key color caulking grout. Mistake 5: wiring until after decorating when finished only moved into furniture, some owners tend to have this kind of phenomenon: in the home in front of the TV setting wall and a two bare threads, as if waiting for the arrival of the television. Has come in the TV, they are likely to be install socket, or a relay for television to a wire. These are the owners didn't consider in place of the problem. Hydropower is decorating a link earlier step, but at the moment, the owner should have a good designer planning and graphic design. According to the design, can only be started after a series of decoration. TV setting wall part will often take home appliance such as TV, disc player, acoustics, the router socket position, so the owner according to their actual situation to select the number of socket and distribution. Late do planning ahead of time, the whole environment will look neat, there will be no wire forest fire hazards. International industrial co. , LTD. , founded in years, the company's main product caulking, gathers product development, production, sales and construction as a whole, developed, and xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain five big brand products. Caulking product color rich, healthy environmental protection, is the owner and caulking division of caulking good choice.
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