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Spring is the best opportunity to ceramic tile seam filling agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Spring comes, the average temperature in most parts of the country have returned to ℃ or more. Just as the Spring Festival holiday, many construction workers also to understand the work of the New Year. Spring, the spring pays special attention to the construction, be helpful for a whole year's work. But spring, both decoration and caulking, is very appropriate. Spring decoration advantage, moderate duty summer two season temperatures in a relatively extreme environment. Hot summer temperatures and decorate material is difficult to save, not only working environment is bad. The hot temperature is easy to make the person produces anxiety, seriously affect the work efficiency and work quality. Dry and cold in winter, some is more sensitive to temperature of the material to be heated to normal construction, laborious. And the average daily temperature of spring ℃ or more, the body also is in a more comfortable temperature, and decorate material to save more time. Therefore is decorated in the spring to decorate, can greatly improve the quality and efficiency. Use of wood, wood moisture content is moderate in decorating also is very extensive, the moisture content of lumber is a carpenter is a key factors to ensure efficiency in construction. The appropriate moisture content to let the wood heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon have a certain amount of relief, also can facilitate the construction. Spring air humidity is high, easy to ventilation, be helpful for wood moisture content control. General qualified wood moisture content in the %, the moisture content of the spring temperatures can let it keep in a safe area. , for wall brick floor tile shop is stuck spring temperature and humidity is moderate, so easy to master in the process of applying cement mortar, dry time, when marking is intact. As a result, the shop is stuck in the spring to brick wall brick is quite strong, not easy to fall off. Because of the spring temperature climate change is not big, and has good ventilation environment, professional construction personnel to accurately estimate the need time to dry. This also for the construction of the subsequent brought convenience as well as other decorate construction, improve the efficiency of the overall decoration. Good adhesion, coating due to the overall climate of spring are more stable, for coating class decoration materials has brought a good dry environment. And spring temperature are also meet most of the chemical composition, the properties and stability of the such make when use this kind of material with a relatively stable state of construction, but also to the fastness of dry paint and building materials. Appropriate caulking, too, the spring temperature can make gap filling products at golden state, which can make the caulking gun adsorption stronger in ceramic tile aperture. And constant temperature stability is dry, also can let the caulking products it bright advantages into full play. Although spring suitable decorate construction, the construction still need to pay attention to the weather condition and the change of temperature and humidity. When the spring rain is more, so the construction also should pay attention to the following:, construction proper seal when the window if the construction in the rain weather, the humidity outdoor is bigger, will damage the drying of caulking gun. So when the rain weather, should first close the window before construction. Crack-cleaning, pay attention to look inside the crack is completely dry, if out of the dust with mud, you will need to close the window after a few days and then to caulking. If just get damp phenomenon on the surface of the ceramic tile, can put in the construction of some moisture absorption materials such as lime, and before the construction or cloth to wipe with a dry sponge aperture at both ends, to ensure the construction process of don't touch water, prevent discoloration. , check caulking if owners do caulking beforehand, so besides gap still needs to be checked at the bottom of the caulking is dry. Especially the use of caulking, like white cement under the condition of the high humidity is very easy to get damp. Therefore, during the period of construction and dry, it is important to ensure that ceramic tile aperture and caulking products are dry state. When making such caulking construction, need to use the dryer equipment such as the internal heating of ceramic tile aperture, thus ensuring gap within the dry, let the caulking products are avoided during construction and dry caulking water erosion of the products. Handle construction completion, check on the same day, the day, to clean up and acceptance process. If you find some caulking products fall off, the reason such as bubbles, be sure to properly deal with the problem in time. Timely deal with the problem is not only make up for the construction of the unexpected happens, and caulking after-sales is responsible for the performance of, enthusiastic and considerate service is generally owners delight. At the same time, in the construction after the completion of the acceptance, also want to tell the owner, within hours don't use wet cloth to wipe the gap filling grout, also don't rush to at this time to move furniture in the room. And in the daily maintenance of cleaning, also do not use strong acid alkali cleaner to wipe the caulking gun. Spring, suitable for decoration, also suitable for ceramic tile gap filling. Let gap filling agent to protect black ceramic tile from moldy, let owner in the process of clean ceramic tile, easier then make more families enjoy brought by the environmental protection decorates a better life. Ceramic tile gap filling agents adhere to the production of green environmental protection product, integrating r&d, production, sales, construction as a whole, the focus for the owners to build healthy environmental protection of green home outfit experience. Registered caulking division above all, more than a second-tier cities all over the country. Caulking unified clothing, unified toolbox, unified service operation flow, professional original service gain the consistent high praise.
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