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Sweet meimei, together with the yuanxiao

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Put up all the Spring Festival holiday? Wanting more haven't play enough? Can again for a holiday is hi again a wave? To say the first important festival after the Spring Festival, it is the Lantern Festival. But, but, but, the Lantern Festival didn't have a holiday! No holiday! ! No holiday! ! ! Q: why doesn't the Lantern Festival holiday? A: because do not belong to the legal holidays. Ok, Stop! Stop to XiaWen enthusiastic friends, if you ask me why is not a legal holiday, then I can only weak weak ground to say, it's none my business? ! Lantern Festival, also called the Lantern Festival, on this day, the streets every family decorated, hang all kinds of lanterns, can have more strong ability of hands-on never wrangled activists, manual production kongmin light, the envy of all, its setting off liftoff, let more bright sky, let the moonlight more transparent. Yuanxiao, original intention is 'the evening of the Lantern Festival', mainly is the full moon in the evening sky, the family around, eat yuanxiao, look at the moon. Later, as the long river of history rolls on, in the sentient beings who lived in ages past, is there have been some imaginative creative plan master, they are unwilling to let this traditional festival with a long history, has remained at the bow to eat yuanxiao, look up at the moon 'lovely level, so they are being creative - — Standing by the river a daze, just think of whether it can be put on the surface of the river lamp; Standing under the tree god, can think of is to hang on the tree a riddle, 'what, in this way, gradually enrich the content of the festival. And yuanxiao nights after people drink at home together for yuanxiao, began flocking out of their homes, to see the lights on the tree, the light of the water, even the poem to guess riddles, watch the dragon dance lion dance dance ZhongFan, and variety, eat all kinds of flavor snacks, etc. , that call a busy not also said. Also, therefore, will start the New Year's eve of festival activities, to the another climax, and become a custom of generation down. So, we live in the present, how to make 'yuanxiao', to get more style memorial significance of the Lantern Festival? Simply nest at home to eat a bowl of dumplings? From WeChat brush dazzle others circles large lantern scene point praise, by the way? Filter is on TV to watch the paint through a variety of skin care in all went to the temple fair go eat actors concave shape? That, why not visit the condition, be a part of it? If people together, the majestic to join the army of yuanxiao, not quick zai? So, what is a 'person'? Please allow me to spread scientific knowledge about the need to highlight. It is said that '' is a handsome young man, he had a beautiful sister named' he jie ', the brother and sister grew up feeling deep, delicious good drink, that is according to the textbook of the jung children, self-effacing each other, by the strong sisterly partiality. They have a common mother, called the 'international'. So, 'person, one heart, one up out make lanterns', is the man who love each other. The international year of open more in-depth understanding of the market after the drama, the international year of leading people to open the first week, it made the latest strategic development plan, according to the national a second-tier cities and county level cities, to develop a more in line with the market law of development strategy policy, to better serve the country agents, distributors. The new policy, will be more inclined to the interests of the service. When the false project with trample ray in succession, when friends with like asking a joke 'harmony', the extraordinary resolution you, whether, looking for a serious project? International for the joining trader, provide the support sourcing, logistics support, rebates, store support, the support image, advertising, etc. , steaming yuanxiao, dinner is ready, you come? International industrial co. , LTD. , founded in in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Company's main caulking grout series products, including true king of porcelain, porcelain, porcelain, water-based epoxy, water beauty and treasure, ceramic tile adhesive, etc. In the domestic market, after years of development, has built a modern production base - — Jinan, ma on shan dust-free factories; To set up an operational headquarters - — East China headquarters in xuzhou, jiangsu, hubei wuhan, central China headquarters, set up a chain franchise store more than several, several comprehensive service center, a second-tier cities across the country and cities at the county level. Join the hotline - throughout the country - Join policy if you want to know more, welcome to call the hotline, also can leave your contact information in the comment area, we will contact with you in the first time. Happy Lantern Festival
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