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Tell your bathroom tile gap filling what details need to be considered?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
When it comes to do caulking, most people think of the ceramic tile aperture of the sitting room need caulking, need to be beautiful. Actually need to do caulking is toilet and kitchen, the ground, metope, are easy to be ignored. So why is everyone will forget toilet caulking should do? Toilet do caulking should pay attention to what details? Most people want to do caulking, consider the beautiful first is filled seam an agent, in order to prevent crack black dirty, slowly ignores the caulking agent waterproof mouldproof function. To the toilet caulking important thing is to do this, can waterproof mouldproof, convenient and clean. But there are some difficulties do ceramic tile gap filling toilet, ceramic tile gap filling price is mainly manifested in the following aspects: the space is lesser, closed wet; Ceramic tile size is small, the dosage; Yin and Yang Angle, construction of trouble; Metope need construction, great project. If need to do caulking toilet, should pay attention to what details? The first is to choose the appropriate gap filling agent, the toilet is damper, oily caulking agent waterproof mouldproof effect is better, but also in the case of a slightly damp construction; Ceramic tile of toilet norms is lesser, with caulking agent construction, the dosage of the need to many, and the construction, quantity is big, can choose the color sand filled seam an agent, this product is more suitable for small size ceramic tile, and construction procedure is more simple. Bathroom space is small, or more Angle of Yin and Yang, and construction need more patience, can choose the color sand or multi-purpose scraper, Yin and Yang Angle seam convenient pressure; Need to wait for curing after finished caulking, not can use the toilet during curing, also cannot clean with clear water the ground; Toilet ground easy seeper, completes the caulking, avoid letting caulking agent in water for a long time, also want to avoid corrosion of caulking agent such as disinfectant detergent. Toilet made ceramic tile gap filling, obvious effect is become clean ceramic tile, clean up easy, don't worry about ceramic tile aperture will hide water collecting dust. In different areas, be sure to pay attention to the matters needing attention of caulking agent, so as to make good gap filling effect.
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