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The balcony decorate, what a pity you've ever had?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Balcony although only when decorating a small part of it in most of the time will be connected to the sitting room, bedroom together, but if not good reformation, balcony in later life also can produce a lot of inconvenience. Decorate the balcony regret, it is experienced by many of the owners, small make up in the finishing, hopes to avoid the owner that decorates after regret, leave the owner a relatively satisfactory decorate the balcony. Regret a balcony: no shading curtains modern buildings, generally in the majority with high-level, also take the form of a closed balcony, so in the midst of a small family, most of the balcony and bedroom, sitting room, etc. So, if not installed window curtain, in the hot summer weather, heat will be through the balcony sunlight into indoor, even if there is air conditioning refrigeration, the balcony that an area near the temperature will be higher. In addition, if the balcony next door to the bedroom, if there is no window curtain, summer sunshine for a long time, some owners are likely to not easy to fall asleep by the sun in the morning to sleep alone. In the long run, is detrimental to the health of the owner. In balcony and indoor adjacent area, therefore, be sure to install the curtain, and is both shading capability and decorative effect of double curtain. So don't want to be in the direct sun days, the owner can use light blocking curtains directly blocked by the sun, in the hope that the days of sunshine, can use a pervious to light some curtains do adornment effect. Balcony regret 2: no installation faucet or socket some balcony space is large, and generally are equipped with a floor drain, so many of the owners can choose to put the washing machine on the balcony as a laundry. Other owners, would prefer to plant, they will open sunny balcony into a mini garden. However, both laundry and water the flowers, the balcony will need a faucet. Without the tap and water from the other room also is very troublesome. If the laundry, washing machine or dryer will need plural socket. Late due to the electric power is bigger, use socket is not realistic. Owner is decorated in the planning design, be sure to plan your needs for the purpose of the balcony, planned time suggest to do before the start of the water and electricity. Timely communication with designers, project supervision, installed in the future to meet the needs of the owners of the faucet, outlet, and set aside an appropriate, so that the place there needs to be changed in the future. Balcony sorry 3: the balcony USES socket outlet is not enough reserved problems, is not only a balcony, every room. Produce the problem, mostly owners need to transform the balcony into the studio, the time of the study. Because owners' home in each situation is different, the number of socket is different. And as time goes by, the owner of the ideas will change accordingly. So, if you want to reserve a socket, as far as possible to add a few on the number of the current, and with the general room flat. Now the owner to use electronic products is more, use the USB line charging more. When installing a plug, can be installed in the reserved on the opposite side of the cabinet, bed is a USB socket, this owner when use will feel more convenient. Ceramic tile of laid of balcony regret 4: no balcony in water of the balcony is more, if the owner is suggested that the owner in the balcony to waterproof and laying of ceramic tile. Because in addition to ceramic tile, other materials are not suitable for long-term exposure to water. If you encounter a rainy day not about good Windows, floor of wood of such materials as can easily be bubble is bad, the owner will also suffer big loss. Choose the ceramic tile, ceramic tile design and color is relatively abundant, also won't affect the owners want to decorate a style, and are likely to continue making the balcony in the corner of rich individual character of heaven and earth. Ceramic tile waterproof antifouling, owners in the laundry, watering the flowers when also need not care about ceramic tile will be wet, dirty, clear rise will also be more convenient. But one thing, ceramic tile because of heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon, when laying need to set aside a certain gap. The gap failed to protect, owner waste generated in the future life of the car can fall. Clear gap in the garbage is not only bad, it breeds all kinds of harmful bacteria, threatening the health of the owner. To the owner of the health, the balcony after laying ceramic tile also should use caulking grout for caulking. Caulking can fill of ceramic tile aperture, and itself has good flexibility, ceramic tile that is both inclusive of heat bilges cold shrink, prevent ceramic tile appear BengCi phenomenon. After ceramic tile aperture is caulking fill, not only don't have to worry about the gap would be garbage problem, where there is water, stain stay in ceramic tile surface, such as caulking clear surface will be as good as the surface of ceramic tile, clean for the owner to save a lot of time. International industrial co. , LTD. Founded in the year, in the domestic market development. Caulking products after years of development, has been formed independent research and development, independent production, sales, and independent construction of the mature industrial chain. Caulking products rich colors, mouldproof formaldehyde-free bacteriostatic, environmental protection, is a good choice most owners of caulking.
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