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The bedroom decorate need to pay attention to what aspects?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
The body over a third of the time spent in sleep, sleep can make us rested and let the body tired day ease. So, having a reasonable morpheus space is critical, many owners when decorating the bedroom also became more attention. How to let a bedroom decorate more sweet, let a bedroom is full of the atmosphere of quiet, suitable for sleep? When decorate, these details must not be less. The size of the space planning is very important to the bedroom size will vary depending on the type of family,. In general, you can give priority to lie ( Owner to the rest room) , children room ( The owner child rest room) , old person room, The owner service rest room) 。 Every age group, although for the function of the bedroom will be different, but the rest of the atmosphere requires is roughly the same, this requires the owner reasonable spatial planning in different room, don't change the basic function of the bedroom itself. When decorate a space, although the objects will be more inside children room, but the owner should also do leave some space, let furniture have enough space between, do not make the room look too full. While the master bedroom or old person room need to create a store content function better wardrobe, but also must pay attention to the reasonable collocation of the space. If the sky is LiDeShi cabinet put oneself in another's position, try to put it in the door after the direction of the invisible. If there is no other place for store content ark, height as far as possible don't over. M. As the main lie, may be more mindful of integral space layout. But when the soft outfit such as ornaments, the owner also want to consider its own size of the room, try to choose specifications small decoration. Too large adornment can make a room look more depressed. Avoid light sound insulation is important no matter how the thunder will not wake up, also hope to need a quiet sleep environment. At the same time, there is also a scientific investigation, points out that people in a dark environment, sleep quality will be better. Therefore, avoid light and sound insulation of the more important of the two is also a bedroom to decorate. For avoid light, avoid light curtain currently on the market has been quite mature, suggest the owner choose when buying curtains serviced the two layers of curtain. Both meet the requirements of the owner to avoid light, when the sun will also be able to enjoy the sunlight to the balcony, rustle of wind curtain little pure and fresh. Comparison of sound insulation inspection, in general, a normal house sound insulation sex is conform to the standard. If the owner has hit a wall in decorating a process, then when decorating a building suggest some sound insulation equipment installed in the bedroom. If the owner in the test room was found in the process of building sound insulation is not very good, also suggested that when decorating, good sound insulation measures. At present, the domestic soundproof room cost is higher, the owner may be determined according to their own environmental noise need sound insulation. Theme color is very important to have some kind of psychological suggestion, it is verified according to science. And different people will have different reactions to the color, how to choose color according to their demand, is also the owner to be aware of things. The owner's own bedroom decorate color, can your be fond of according to owner. Can choose the color that oneself like, and pick out a warm color fastens with color as the theme colors. Older people like colors may be more plain and neat, also will be missed his house looks like before. When choosing color, so the owner can try to choose the color of the old room decorate before, make the old people think of the past of, will also have a particularly comfortable feeling. Of children room color can be more active some, let the child falling asleep under the atmosphere of happiness. Children under a lot of space to grow up, it is suggested that the owner as far as possible choose wallpaper kind of decoration, using environmental diatom ooze or children paint to decorate, so the children grow up to a stage after don't like the color of the original, the owner can also in children room on the second to decorate, make his dream belong to another for the child. Environmental health is very important in the process of sleep, people will unconsciously fall some hair and dander, these cast hidden in the gap, which will be more easy to breed mites, bacteria, etc. , threaten the health of the owner. So when decorating a bedroom, the owner will have solution to deal with these health threats. If work at ordinary times busy inconvenience cleaned regularly, the owner can choose to use caulking. Caulking product principle is to use ceramic tile seam filling grout into the ceramic tile aperture, after curing with porcelain seam between laminating, hair scurfy also will remain on the surface, only the owner just to clean up the the cast. And caulking grout itself is antimicrobial resistance to corrosion, in bacteria, chemicals, etc can't breakthrough gap filling hard surface. Belongs to each individual to recuperate small bedroom, bedroom every detail will do a good job, so the quality of life will rise, a happy life is so simple. 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