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The ceramic tile gap filling agent of shallow environmental protection

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
Caulking small make up to today, and you look at the tile gap filling agent of environmental protection. A material, ceramic tile seam filling agent. It is composed of high-tech new polymer and senior paint, is half liquid flow; It is different from white cement, color caulking agent of main materials are inorganic, he is a new high-tech polymer materials + senior pigments and special additives fine match. Second, the ceramic tile color caulking agent. After it has luster, make the color of natural delicate, such as gold, silver, pearl color, the color of white, black, clear and beautiful, color caulking agent, make metope looks more smooth, so much stronger than decorative white cement, color caulking agent. And after solidification, smooth surface, such as porcelain, can swab with ceramic tile, with resistance to penetration of waterproof properties, can do real ceramic tile aperture 'never turn black'. Three surface, ceramic tile seam filling agent. Its surface is bright and clean, and easy to scrub, convenient and clean, waterproof moisture-proof, can avoid mildew endanger human body health. Now, we don't need to hesitate between the pursuit of beauty and health, because of the ceramic tile seam filling agent to choose we can enjoy our favorite can reflect individual character of ceramic tile, don't have to worry about the gap breeding of mold to harm our health.
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