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The ceramic tile of different caulking agent area, need to pay attention to what aspects?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
The improved people's living standard, the pursuit of quality life is becoming more and more high. So the caulking agent into the homes, represents the unremitting pursuit of people for a better life. So, what can do caulking? What aspects need to pay attention to? Caulking and how to change decayed for magical power? The sitting room living room, as the appearance of the house, decorate a style to represent the owner's taste. Whole sitting room is beautiful and tidy make family not only physical and mental health and pleasure, also is a kind of respect to visitors. Especially pay attention to the details of caulking this, highlights the master the heroic spirit strives for perfection, the pursuit of quality of life. The sitting room caulking on atmosphere and coordination. The color of caulking agent should be in harmony with the household style as far as possible, to avoid various color's mad, bad visual experience. If our minds, try to choose the infinite color. The infinite color has the very good coordination, with a variety of color collision out sparks, and won't appear is more complicated. The bedroom as a place of rest, the bedroom decorate exquisite relaxation and warmth, can choose gentle tone. Brick color choices also want to keep in harmony with the whole bedroom style, as far as possible choose warm color series of caulking product, create a warm and harmonious atmosphere of the bedroom. Household cleaning, kitchen cleaning and hygiene. As the saying goes, 'food hygiene', in this case, the disease is the contaminated food affect human health. So the kitchen is clean or not is the big problem is about health. Ceramic tile seam caulking agent make brick is bright and clean, such as porcelain, oil resistance, water resistance, scrub resistance, resistant to acid and alkali, super patience. And easy to clean, smooth, such as porcelain, with a net, as a safety barrier, our family's health. Difference in temperature big toilet, toilet if ceramic tile not cracks, heat bilges cold shrink can cause ceramic tile brick arch, collapsed, increase risk. And toilet is very damp, ceramic tile often need to contact water baptism. If you don't do caulking processing, it is easy to cause the dirty black brick joints mildew, bacteria and harmful to health. So the toilet flushing is imperative. The caulking construction of toilet must dry degree of the strict control on it. Must wait for the bathroom dry thoroughly after ( Porcelain seam dust dust present form) To consider the construction. If time emergency, can use warm air blower the cracks dry can. Difference in temperature big toilet, which requires the joint sealant products with super toughness, can scale easily in the ceramic tile aperture, to cushion the expansion of ceramic tile, from the cold. So the owner must choose good quality gap filling product. Ceramic tile seam filling agent has established three production bases in China, located in shandong jinan, nanjing, jiangsu, anhui ma on shan, a total area of mu, raw material all adopt the environmental protection material from Germany. Series of products have strong toughness and patience, long-acting defend family health. Toilet with the need of function, use the rough surface of ceramic tile, improve the anti-slip coefficient. So when ceramic tile gap filling, must wax or paste, crepe paper protect the ceramic tile from destruction, at the same time remaining material easy cleaning efficiency. Balcony terrace is the place where the most close to the sun, when resting, total hope the sunshine, nourishes the heart. So the balcony yellow, dirty black gaps in the environment is always an eyesore, so the beautification of the balcony still need to do their homework. And after all the different indoor environment, the balcony to accept all the year round the sun, caulking products will be slightly faded, like drying clothes outside after the sun will also be slightly faded. Although sun, big temperature difference between day and night such as outdoor environment will have a certain influence on longevity gap filling agent, but the beautification of caulking agent and protective effect is obvious. In addition to ceramic tile aperture, the line that play a base, Yin and Yang Angle, doors and Windows crack, sink, stove, etc many gap to fill and beautify the caulking products may be used for ceramic tile gap filling agent construction. No matter solid wear-resisting degree, or beautiful degree, can present good effect. But different parts of the ceramic tile gap filling agents have different key points, hope you order, out of the ceramic tile of beauty out a let a person become really interested caulking.
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