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The Chinese heavy fire pool cooperation manufacturers polymer waterproof caulking agent epoxy grout

by:Kastar     2020-12-21
Congratulations caulking agent manufacturers building materials polymer waterproof epoxy grout in hand the Chinese heavy industry group. Caulking agent manufacturers polymer waterproof epoxy grout with a number of 'the' font size state-owned enterprises cooperation many times, including build, iron, etc, in the Chinese heavy industry leadership after visit factory, determine the cooperation! Polymer cement waterproof epoxy grout is made up of polymer waterproof emulsion, high-quality aggregate, special cement materials according to the special process, which is a mixture of the epoxy grout with excellent bonding, crack resistance, frost resistance, seepage control, anticorrosive, resistance to chloride ion permeability, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, suitable for water conservancy, port engineering, highway, bridge, metallurgy, chemical industry, industrial and civil construction steel structure and reinforced concrete structure in seepage and corrosion protective and repairing works. 。 。
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