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The colour collocation of the ceramic tile gap filling!

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
The colour collocation of the ceramic tile of caulking article

new materials:' target='_blank'>caulking gun is different from the caulking agent ( Dry powder cement material + low pigment) , is a high-tech new polymer materials + high-grade paint and special additives.

new visual: it has the gloss, color is rich in natural is exquisite, such as gold, silver, pearl color, white, black colour is significantly higher than gap filling agent, brings better overall effect to the wall, so much stronger than decorative seam filling agent.

new enjoy: its smooth surface, easy to scrub, convenient and clean, waterproof and moistureproof, insect repellent, avoid health dead Angle; Truly overcome caulking agent easy dirty, fear of water, can't clean up the defects.

caulking agent light series:
there are pure white, shallow bright yellow, shallow bright grey, ivory white, silver moonlight, black pearl, gem is blue color, etc. Mainly with light brick, such as bo changes a brick, glazed tile, etc. Its bright color, strong gloss, tie-in colour is more harmonious and light brick, the ceramic tile is the best partner

caulking gun dumb smooth series:
has a matte black, matte white, matte grey, matt brown, such as a variety of colors, designed with archaize brick and use inferior smooth brick. Its color is rich, full. Simple sense is strong, present a dull luster after use, and collocation of archaize brick color and luster is more harmonious. More can reflect the level of archaize brick. Is the best choice of archaize brick

filled seam an agent at all can be on the floor tile of wall of construction, the color of caulking agent with the different Angle of view, the strength of the light and give different colour effect, has the characteristics of senior wallpaper exquisite decorative pattern, stereo sense is strong. Ceramic tile color caulking grout co. , LTD. , and ceramic tile seam filling agent will let you & other; Follow one's inclinations & throughout; , according to the personal aesthetic, and personal taste, can be customized different ceramic tile gap filling agent pattern. Is your home filling construction joints of choice!
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