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The combination! Caulking enjoy good home hand in hand, invite you to enjoy the good environmental protection decoration

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
(date) (month) (year) - (date) (month) (year), xuzhou world trade city district, enjoy a good home decoration collection platform of xuzhou local qualifications rich decoration brand, decorate in world trade city launched the preferential activities. Caulking as one of decoration materials in xuzhou has a certain influence, also participated in the event. Good pay upfront, collected at home and professional designers and merchants of all brands, combining with the world trade city family, launched four sets of hardcover example room for the owner to visit. Caulking example room caulking the work involved in one set of example room decoration. For Jane o this example room decoration, the ground USES long and thin marble tile let whole space more extended, with bright white caulking, sew porcelain between laminating, give owner a clean, elegant visual experience. As each room link corridor, corridor caulking waveguide line in black and white contrast, let a space full of line feeling inside, at the same time also played a role in split, look more neat. At the end of the corridor, hang a picture on the wall has a plain coloured space with a certain color, make it become one of the highlights of the whole decoration. Kitchen kitchen is contracted type, the overall layout is given priority to with white, black is complementary, create pure and fresh and natural feeling. Caulking grout of choice is the matching with white light gold color is not particularly jarring, also can add color to the kitchen, to achieve the color balance state. And in the sun light golden caulking and present a colorful scene, added a clever for the whole kitchen. Toilet USES the dry wet depart between example toilet design, the gap between sink and toilet, shower, provided the owner's life more convenient. Overall caulking have adopted similar to ceramic tile color silver grey color, gray to bear or endure dirty, similar color also can let owner when use naturally feel the warmth of home. Caulking to the United States, more environmental protection. Brand ceramic tile seam filling grout has been committed to environmental protection of research and development, after many years of the matching combination, successfully developed the true king of porcelain, porcelain, water-based epoxy, water side four treasure caulking products category. Is different from the white tube, branded products on the market, caulking product price is a little higher, but you don't have pungent smell, will have the flavor of the jelly was only; Colour is not dark nor particularly bright, only full and beautiful; Do not do not crack, it will only keep the original color. In addition, caulking will also do regular inspection of product. Caulking product samples sent to the national authoritative organization detect, detect some common harmful substance content for decoration, such as formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metal and so on. After product testing, inspection report, also can be in the official website of the public, let consumers supervision. Example room service on the day to come to the owner of a lot, but they do not know the location of the example room, part of the staff and other building materials and platform counterparts together, in the example room downstairs do guide for the owner. Xuzhou on the day the temperature is very low, but people still stick to downstairs, and when they meet with owners came they led upstairs, to visit the show. In example room, also arranged for professional customer manager explained. When the owner came to visit, if some questions of caulking, customer manager with professional attitude and to the owner to solve their doubts. In the events of the day, the owner ask more question is about the color and the construction time. Some owners, the caulking color doesn't like inside the example room, what are they doing when the caulking can do other color caulking, at this time put in the indoor color board will come in handy. Customer manager brought the owner to swatches before, explained to owner has caulking color. In the nearly 20 kinds of color display, most owners say they can find and future home decorate a style to match the color caulking. Some owners would mention caulking construction period how long, who is a construction, customer manager will answer like this: caulking have professional caulking division, can according to the different requirements of the owner of caulking for construction. Caulking division have been professional knowledge skills training, the amount of room before caulking, single sign construction, into the caulking seams, seam pressure, until the late shovel, acceptance, caulking division will be in accordance with the standard of construction to serve the owners. In general, caulking the construction period of days or so, won't keep the owner to spend too much time. After four days of hard work, many owners have signed a treaty of decoration and good at home platform, and as a caulking part of the agreement of caulking will also with professional attitude, make a satisfaction to the owner of the high level gap filling construction. At the same time, also will continue to actively cooperate with the decorating platform, broaden the channels for caulking cooperation partners, have more opportunities to order. Caulking year founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the main environmental caulking products. Company with headquarters in east China in xuzhou, jiangsu, hubei wuhan huazhong headquarters as the center, actively expand caulking market, has been in the country has more than chain franchise store and multiple service center, spread all over the country more than a second-tier cities and cities at the county level.
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