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The fifth national international business training will officially opened! Sea of roaming caulking marketing together with you!

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
In international headquarters, caulking partners in the hope of month day, international cooperation in the fifth session of the national business training will held a formal! Although in xuzhou is very cold, but did not stop the heart partners sincerely want to learn. Before the official start of the training, a caulking partners had neatly takes a seat in the conference room, looking forward to the day of training today. The training, is the international draw on previous training experience, and combining the caulking market in recent years, meet the needs of the partners more comprehensive knowledge and upgrade the content of a training. And has a keen market sense of smell, sales experienced international marketing director Chen, nature is a lecturer of choice. Caulking market is active throughout the year, is also chaotic. Says it is active, the owner more perception of caulking, there are more and more owners need caulking. Says it is chaos, a variety of caulking appear more brand, including all kinds of white tube, branded products, low price is not fatal, but to a certain extent, affected the regular brand caulking market. Many partners have also said that although this year's market is good, but business is also more and more difficult. A problem for the caulking partners, in fact also have been concerned. In order to let partners can have a more profound understanding of the international has not only the PPT, graphic has Chen always share some experience in sales and marketing knowledge, there are some conclusions after the international field market. The market - — Analysis, all the way along the action all of partners, there are some enter the caulking industry for several years, some of the caulking industry novice. The international training is a higher requirements for basic training, so in order to let your partners have a general understanding, Chen to briefly stated the caulking market development. From white cement to today's a two-component, caulking products, caulking industry development to obtain the qualitative leap, also let the part of the early in the market, won a good profit. As a result, more and more people are joining gap filling industry, brand is more and more, industry standard and has been set, caulking industry in rapid development at the same time also got into this mess. On the premise of this chaos, thinking about how to survive in the margins of society is not desirable. Should be found in the chaotic market powerful way, standing on the other, to succeed, make a profit. According to the current more branded products, more competitive situation, Chen tutoring merchants cooperation, to look forward. Caulking market is a gradual development of the market, those branded products more competitive, only control the low-end market gap filling agent, they don't cost very products to control the higher level. And the higher market in caulking, exactly is the caulking more profit in the market. Therefore, for the owner to understand the importance of caulking, guide their use in the advanced ceramic tile seam filling grout products, marketing is the key step is caulking. This analysis, let partners are all present. With a low price blindly product price war, is impossible to word of mouth. And higher products, pay attention to service, to pay attention to the service of higher consumers trust products, product 'tap water', partners also need not hard struggle to get word of mouth. How to order - — First interaction how to order again, how to receive their own ideal, how to receive large, these are also present a issue for cooperation dealers, tend to be a problem they are confused. They may know something more effective, more novel way of publicity, but are operating on their own. Also understand international traders confused because international at the beginning of the creation, also encountered such a problem. Channel order, this question has many answers. Can say, as long as it is able to receive a single channel is a good channel. But these channels will be depending on the way, time, place and bring different order effect. International experience according to their own propaganda for the local partners lists some usual less commonly used, but the efficiency is very high way of channels. These channels, not international talks a lot, but the international Marketing Department after the strict custom solutions and to grope for the conclusion on the spot. Behind each of the channels, international will provide a ballpark cost, for partners to measure myself. Order of knowledge has a lot of, the international also can't please everyone. All of partners to training for so long, in my heart there must be some doubt about the caulking marketing. International gives them the opportunity, at the end of course during the day, specially set aside the time to ask and communication cooperation dealers. In the process of communication, the international found themselves don't realize that before caulking market problems, partners can dissipate the questions in your own mind. This is a win-win process, the training is not just to teach, only communicate with each other, can produce + is greater than the result. On the first day of the joint training is substantial, after a full day after dry, cooperation, a little tired, but very satisfied. After dinner, waiting for their is for training, for gap filling the share of the industry, and relaxed game loop. International training, tomorrow will continue to. . .
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