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The five kits of caulking marketing!

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Before out-of-season caulking market nowadays, caulking architect or dealers can think of the marketing plan cannot apply at this time. Some caulking division also have no better methods of order, it may sound to confusion, but in the decoration industry continue to hot, caulking industry was known by the public, ceramic tile seam filling agent did not actually these so-called off-season, some off-season just ceramic tile seam filling agent people appeared in the process of entrepreneurial struggle of off-season. Caulking and other industries, are all need to rely on product sales. Want to do sales, first is to master a certain knowledge of marketing. Caulking grout as the leader of the industry, ceramic tile seam filling agent also has more than marketing reserves. The five big gap filling agent marketing kits, can make people easy digest, and gain more profits. Think a, mutually beneficial principle of mutual benefit principle, we should try to return to others in the same way as we have done. In summary is a kind of behavior should be used in return for a similar behavior. A popular example, often in the supermarket will provide some free tasting activity, and consumers after such try link, it will greatly improve the success rate of purchase goods. To apply this principle to the caulking industry, is the consumer when making ceramic tile seam filling agent price consulting, sales to asked him the highest price a ceramic tile seam filling agent products. If consumers do not accept, then can introduce price lower some ceramic tile gap filling agent products, due to the mutual benefit principle, some consumers will be more acceptable. Caulking brand owns, and xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain and so on five big brand ceramic tile gap filling agent, all include high school low-end price, can according to owner's demand recommend suitable products to the owner. Second, the social identity theory social identity theory, refers to a person who is in his or her definition, including personal attributes and Shared with others, such as sex or race. From the consumer side, is the consumer is when the consumption of such products, to meet other property jointly owned by the public, or to get their approval. Such as buying products are recommended by acquaintances, or a friend recommended. In marketing, to get the approval of owner, sales people must be formed certain influence in the local. Owners are likely to hear about when decorate ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, or a brand message. So in the process of to owner to recommend, the owner will be easier to accept. Brand after years of development, has a certain level of popularity in the industry of ceramic tile seam filling agent. Headquarters have professional promotion department, make ceramic tile seam filling agent online, offline all have a certain visibility. Three, the principle of be fond of be fond of refers to most of us are more likely to allow his acceptance of the proposed requirements. And studies have shown that when deciding whether to buy the product, social ties, The principle of preference) Than the influence of the consumer of the product itself twice as strong likes and dislikes. Popular, is in the business as much as possible of good consumers. Gap filling for the owners, the first is to make home more beautiful beautiful, make ceramic tile aperture is no longer black mould. Another was hope the guest when visiting a home in the future, to praise the owner home decoration. And sales in the process of to owner to recommend, also want to grasp the key, for they are good for talk. For ceramic tile sales professional training, and have a one-to-one professional customer manager, answer questions at any time, let the sales talk more professional more smoothly. Four, the meaning of the authority principle, authority principle is that people at the time of action, can't completely rely on their own judgment, and often rely on the opinions of the authority, follow the authority's advice. As a consumer, when decorate will focus on environmental protection, quality factors, they will only after thorough to choose goods. Caulking product brand, brand more miscellaneous, the owner may not be able to choose, so will only be carried out in accordance with the environmental factors they think caulking gun of choice. So in to owner recommended caulking gun products, ceramic tile also should as far as possible to meet the owners want to demonstrate professional knowledge, let the caulking the professionalism of the be clear at a glance. Ceramic tile seam filling agent products through national authoritative organization detect, nonpoisonous and harmless, do not contain formaldehyde, is green ceramic tile gap filling agent products. Five, the scarcity principle the scarcity principle is to point to make us realize that may lose some things, fear of losing something than hope to get equal value things for more incentive to people, can make to convince us. The so-called 'opportunity is less, the higher the value'. Among the gap filling agent, some owners may not like the color is too popular, to the pursuit of innovation. And sales can catch the owner of this, to owner sell caulking agent all unique. Such as colorful color, beautiful effect, with the color of the sequins shining in the sun can cause effect and so on. To maximize unique ceramic tile gap filling agent, ceramic tile is filled seam an agent on the essence of success. Caulking to want to pursue the personality of the owner to provide 'a brick color customization service', as long as meet certain prerequisites, owners will be able to have to belong to own caulking color. According to the different situation of the owner, the proper use of the above principle of marketing, sales in the off-season can also list when it comes to good, when it comes to high quality of the list. In order to make long-term support to join partner obtain more profits, began to vigorously promote the new mode in the near future - — The proxy server! Become agent, can in a certain area within the scope of exclusive and roubaix franchise, let you of the regional competition sorrow!
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