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The golden pig year starts!

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
The annual lunar New Year holiday is over, each caulking man is not in the way of construction has been to rush to the goal of the New Year. The New Year, caulking market outlook remains unclear, the owners for caulking consumer enthusiasm remains high, to join the international business, a way is still relatively healthy. The international staff also officially return to work in today, to serve the new and old customers from all over the country. To international old friends after formally started, xuzhou molecular company, wuhan international, national have started operations in multiple service center, ensure that starts in the caulking person can timely follow up the quality of our products and ensure smooth construction caulking people, let people believe that international caulking all regions to be able to get the international service when necessary. In order to let partners to gain more profit in golden pig year, international will be more cooperation in the golden pig year business training, improve the level of the marketing partners, to let them to further expand their influence. Will be according to the current gap filling market at the same time, develop more business channels, let partners no longer upset for caulking market. As for the other more caulking policy, the international will be unlocked gradually in the pig, international will aspire to let each to join the international partners to get their own share of the profits. To the international new friends if you haven't to join the international gap filling, while at the start of the pig, also can consider to join the international family. Currently, the international service providers, has join the jie operators, agents and so on the many kinds of model. , the agent is a kind of caulking gun to join mode, it is suitable for some caulking market more understanding, want to have words as caulking. International always considering caulking entrepreneurs is not easy, at the early stage of the join will provide some support to partners, emerging agents able to let go, my in the local secure market. At the beginning of the agent, the international won't agent fee, but the league to equivalent gap filling product instead. Do it can let the agent in early won't have too much money burden, let agents can give their money spent more on marketing. In marketing, international will also give the agent must support. In addition to the early some basic training, the international also has some marketing materials to support from headquarters, and after that, if the agent need new material, international can provide conforms to the international image and the design of the agent demand draft, for free agents to make and propaganda. If there are any big events, the support it can provide some additional personnel, experience. , jie services, jie services is a subsidiary of international caulking, when jay caulking's a joining mode, it is more suitable for the caulking, building materials market have a certain understanding, has certain influence in the local partner. And jay are channelled its, is mainly responsible for widening gap filling at the market, and in the local and surrounding areas to do a good job of caulking service to join mode. In order to make, jie service providers in the local foundation is stronger, service providers preferential policies will be more naturally. International will provide a certain amount of free market support for the service, let the early stage of the service to working capital as soon as possible, lay a foundation to expand the market. In addition, international will provide support in the fourth quarter of advertising design and cost, door head design and support costs, LOGO wall design and cost, car body advertisement publicity support policy. These policies can avoid some service provider in the early promotion expenses, further reduce service startup pressure, let some thoughtful services will also be able to do the propaganda work. In addition, although after four seasons through international will not bear the cost of advertising, but international headquarters will remain free design service providers need to advertising design. International also send docking with the service provider, customer manager, regional manager for service providers to have a strong partner can discuss at any time, for the local market to lay a good foundation. Whether time struggle in the caulking division of a line, or in the local grout try to expand the market, or maintain caulking market, caulking service providers, and jie, the international all hope in wealth in rolling of the golden pig year, can have a good start. Hope that more caulking people with lofty ideals to join the international big family, each other mutual aid, go far better. International was founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the company's main environmental protection product caulking, composed of, and xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain five brand products, product range covers the true porcelain, porcelain, waterborne epoxy, water beauty types such as treasure side. 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