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The history of ceramic tile seam filling agent and construction details!

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
How is a, caulking market? Many don't understand of the audience is very curious, how ceramic tile seam filling agent is popular. About this problem, the manager zhu has carried on the detailed solutions. Caulking, arose in the years since it's been nearly 10 years of development. The years ago, when most of the ceramic tile aperture are made with white cement for caulking, after a month or two black ceramic tile aperture started mildewy, including serious place of kitchen and toilet. The production of ceramic tile gap filling agent, on the one hand is because the color of white cement is single, consumers hope to have a variety of color to fill the gap of the product; On the other hand is the hope of ceramic tile aperture can keep clean and tidy. Nowadays caulking popular there is another reason, is to consider the children, from the perspective of their own, caulking, why would be consumers need. There was a child, to the child's physical health, all in the home is decorated also choose environmental protection material. Gap filling agent, too, as parents, very worry about the mould of traditional caulking agent will be run by children on the ground and crawling infection to children, and caulking mouldproof antibacterial properties make this concern. Clean ceramic tile aperture, let a person from the appearance, not only from the health consideration is necessary to do. 2 what are the correct steps, caulking construction? Caulking is necessary, the same normal ceramic tile gap filling construction is an indispensable link for caulking. Caulking construction of the eight processes, both can let owner to polish eyes to identify normal construction, also can let the caulking teacher learning to correct the construction process, progress together in self-improvement at the same time help counterparts. Caulking construction process is divided into eight qing joint seam, vacuuming, cleaning, changing overshoes, seam pressure seam, remaining material cleaning, cleaning the scene, the owner acceptance and the steps. In the caulking division generally ignore these two steps in shoe covers and clean the scene. In shoe covers to prevent during the construction of a ceramic tile seam filling agent cause secondary pollution to ceramic tile aperture, make sure that when construction ceramic tile aperture is completely clean. Clean the scene is the embodiment of the very best service, ordinary caulking ShiZaiQing after the remaining material to call it a day, and caulking division for owner let owner acceptance after finished cleaning the scene, although the details of the service is easy, but the yield is huge. In the owner's acceptance, the owner at the time of acceptance, can focus on observing the caulking of kitchen and toilet. Because the two rooms before construction generally will be wet, if here is ready to ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, the other room also no problem. There is to see each room of the anchor line, see if caulking remained flat. Can get some caulking teacher asked more than expected, also can be seen from the remaining material gap filling the quality of the products is good, flexibility, make sure those goals are met.
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