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The importance of caulking agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Gap filling agent, the importance of the public as KTV, hotel, bar, etc. , decorate will choose ceramic tile of different specification in different shapes to make the whole place some high-end. Just, public traffic is compared commonly big, such places the use of the actual loss would be faster than other places. When ceramic tile, on the other hand, place them on the wall, can't close to, will certainly have a lot of aperture, the existence of the gap is for microbe, dirt can be. It is reported that the hotel lobby to a certain extent, can choose ceramic tile, this can create a feeling of grandeur, senior want to achieve the effect of the hotel, to improve the value and status of the hotel. However, most of the hotel in the beginning of decorate, have thought when choose the ceramic tile will bring their own confusion. Under the action of ceramic tile is in the air can make a lot of microbial adhesion on it in the air, over oxidation and daily cleaning not in time, black ceramic tile seam will become yellow, very not tasteful. This has to do with hotel run counter to the original decoration such as public purpose. However, the reporter understands, consumers for this kind of phenomenon is no good way to solve, in addition to paint over time, or simply do not take any action. Just think, if a passenger had a lot of hotel, KTV, later because the environment is not good enough, make a lot of new customers, how to let a person helpless. Black is the culprit. Ceramic tile is not desirable, as long as do not let it have the opposite effect, nature is the best of both worlds. Caulking agent is against the defenders of ceramic tile aperture shading. According to statistics, the use of caulking agent has now occupied a large market share. An industry to drive the other industry development, is also an expression of the healthy development of the market. Caulking agent was able to win consumers, mainly its own function to solve a lot of problems in reality. It is easy to besmear to brush, only need to use special brush lightly coated with a layer of ceramic tile joints, half an hour's kung fu can be completed, after hours can be normal use; In addition, caulking agent has very strong waterproof function, so don't worry about how to clean up, you just need to together when cleaning tile cleaning.
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