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The kitchen decorate, these details do you all think?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Food culture has always been an indispensable part of Chinese culture, whether it is a hotel chef or elders in the home, always like magic from the kitchen set out and delicious food. Inside the kitchen of each boy, the communication between the table self-effacing, let people enjoy the process of food also feel the warmth of family and love. Kitchen cultural sites, as carrying home owner when decorate, it is only natural that considering the experience in the future, make the kitchen in the home warm harbor. What kind of type kitchen? When decorating a kitchen, you first need to consider is the type of the kitchen. The kitchen of type is largely based on the whole family to make specific adjustment, so as to make the kitchen better harmony with the whole room style. The relatively small family kitchen, usually can be designed into one word, L type kitchen. The kitchen of one word as the name suggests is the whole family in a straight line, this type of kitchen need to take into account the issue of space planning. In general, according to the cleaning, cutting, hearth, the location of the reasonable distribution on the plate. Such a design, can let the owner at the time of cooking walking up and down repeatedly, to save time. L kitchen is slightly better than the one word kitchen, it show L, overall is more than one word will be a corner area. L although the kitchen looks area is small, but if ready to receive, is stronger than a type of kitchen receive ability. After all L let owner kitchen activities within the scope of the linear area reduced a lot, also will be more convenient when take goods. Large family kitchen often choose U or island. U type kitchen is L updated version of the kitchen, functional areas can get more fine, receive the area will be stronger. Some of the more popular a two-door refrigerator, wall of built-in oven, condiment, etc can also be found in U inside the kitchen. Island type kitchen is generally used in the large family of open mode kitchen, is in the kitchen island which refer to set up an independent work station. The independent work station not only can be used for cooking, can also be used as a buffet, receive ark, etc. Due to the open state, island type kitchen in design can also be more bold and let owner fully realize their imagination. The kitchen decorate how to layout? Determine the type of good kitchen is in the kitchen made a simple family layout, the layout, the owner must first define specific functions around the kitchen, then be carried out according to plan to decorate. It is important to note that due to the small home appliance inside the kitchen is more, the owners need to set aside a certain amount of outlet, to prevent future there will be a new electrical appliances into the home. Kitchen long plagued by lampblack, so the owner usually choose better clean ceramic tile for the adornment of metope, ground. But does not like ceramic tile surface fouling resistance of ceramic tile aperture, so after the owner in the shop sticks ceramic tile and dry, should do the caulking for ceramic tile aperture. Caulking is caulking grout into the ceramic tile ceramic tile aperture and press flat work decoration, caulking can effectively with strong on both sides of the binding of ceramic tile aperture, antifouling surface waterproof, color bright, both to as adornment, also can for ceramic tile aperture stop outside impurity, kill two birds with one stone. In addition, affected by the way of cooking, the kitchen of water vapor is sufficient. Because the kitchen would probably use ceiling decoration, condole top material also should choose waterproof material for installation. Installing a condole top, pay attention to don't too high or too low. High ceiling is not easy to clean, low ceiling will reduce the height, destroy the integral space layout. How much the height of the kitchen work station? Cooking process includes steps, such as washing dishes, chopping vegetables, cooking these processes need to be completed on the kitchen table. Each family member of the family height is different, if you use the unreasonable high work station, in the long bend over or under the condition of step stool, to the owner of the cervical spine, spine, waist and other adverse effects. So, to the owner of the health, the height of the work station should be customized before decorate good. In general, professional decoration company, ambry company has its own set of quantitative standard, if you want to customize their owner, also can ask them to field measurement. Measurement method is generally forearm platform, please owner take below the elbow The height of cm. In addition, if the owner will arrange stage separated Chinese food and western food, so they also need to have a certain height difference between. After the above points are considered, owner of home kitchen configuration basically is no problem. Want to work harder on the decoration color and need reference online residential cases, more communication with professional designers, using environmental protection building materials for decoration. International industrial co. , LTD focus on environmental caulking product research and development, production, sales and construction, the company's total of, when jay, roubaix, royal nest, xin five brand products, porcelain category covers the true porcelain, porcelain water, waterborne epoxy, four categories of edge, can meet the demand of the owner and decoration of all kinds of tools.
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