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The kitchen toilet is what circumstance can caulking?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
The wall of the kitchen toilet use caulking exactly? It depends on your kitchen wall brick of toilet set aside do caulking seams? If there is no do you want to be leave a gap gap filling wall brick also can't do it.

do caulking kitchen, toilet, kitchen, toilet at the time of wall brick, need to use plastic gap is left between cross card on ceramic tile aperture, if it is a thick seam the shop is stuck, then you can't do caulking.

what circumstance can the kitchen toilet caulking?

1. Kitchen toilet brick wall brick, the master to tell tile caulking, you need to do the master in the brick wall, will give the tile gap to leave;

2. Wall brick 2 - seam 3 mm wide, if want to better caulking, then leave 3 mm gap and 3 mm gap to gap filling effect is better than 2 mm gap;

3. Kitchen toilet wall brick caulking color collocation is the key, the kitchen is the place where oil pollution is very heavy, don't choose white color caulking agent, not to bear or endure dirty. In addition to other white color is ok, according to ceramic tile color to match caulking.

4. Ceramic tile of toilet don't choose a color too provocative gap filling agent, the toilet wall brick can choose white color caulking, floor tile of toilet damp, cannot choose white color caulking.
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