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The line that play a base and the role of beauty and treasure!

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Line is the focus of display space art, with fluent to depict the layout of the space, divided into lots of independent space full of artistic breath, this is the designer and the owner to pursue the beauty of the visual effect. However, only beautiful visual experience is not enough, we need to stand the test of internal. Take care of our home, in pay attention to the gap filling between floor tile and wall brick construction work at the same time, also don't forget it - — The line that play a base, a caulking overlooked details. Play crural line can bring to our household decorates a visual balance beauty, it is connected to the ground and wall body, draw the outline of the outline of the ground, feel the whole space is abrupt, without it the beautiful play crural line again if not serious play crural line seam filling products of choose and buy, it is a pity, as if. . . . . . line feeling a lot less space. Beauty and treasure caulking is specifically designed for door, window, beautify the anchor line edge gap gap filling products, research and development by simple and convenient operation, simply bonding in aperture place it, and cooperate with the beauty and treasure special glue can complete caulking work. Beauty and treasure to beautify the line that play a base isolation and the corner gap between dust, bacteria and play crural line in harmony as a whole, make the colorful decoration style. Role a: visual space - — Connects the line that play a base tile floor and the wall quietly together, increase or decrease the visual sense of balance, plays an essential role in the middle, and both the large white and pale drab metope, also promoted the integral style of the tile floor, have the effect that make the finishing point in the middle. Aluminum alloy play crural line products with convenient installation, durable, fire prevention character such as moistureproof, solves the line that play a base is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp deformation, aging, bug eat by moth, surface sticker off problem. Light aluminum alloy at the same time the proportion of the line that play a base, adornment effect is better. Light metal play crural line reveal a kind of sense of luxury, with the edge of laser use gold or lutetium gold metallic color, let every detail shown by heart. Action 2: practical and beautiful - — 'Receive' worry because line distribution, there are some decoration company will hide part of the line in the line that play a base. The line that play a base can have very good effect of 'receive', shield wire, aperture. When installing a wooden floor, will need to leave a gap on the floor and metope junction, installed on the line that play a base and cover the gap. Wooden play crural line visual feel is soft, looks very comfortable, installation and easy operation, the wooden play crural line will generally choose deep coffee color or shallow rice white as the color of the line that play a base, to match the beauty of the edge of color can choose gold or silver moonlight coffee, the transition of visual effect. Part three: environmental health - — Easy to clean with caulking agent of the line that play a base material is diversiform, but most of the material is relatively easy to scrub. Due to mop the brushing the wall of a dirty water can also be avoided, as long as the brush to clean it again after caulking agent play crural line. The advantages of porcelain clay or stone material the line that play a base is easy to clean, in terms of visual perception is contracted grace, combined with the ceramic tile of the ground, won't appear abrupt. For porcelain pottery or stone material the line that play a base, using the beauty of bright white edge to treasure is more suitable, soft and harmony. Part four: solid protection - — Abrasion resistant to bump in addition to the ceramic tile on the wall, most of the wall are directly or use the wallpaper coating finish. At the bottom of the wall, vulnerable to kick or the impact of the furniture is moved, is likely to produce the wear. Play crural line with caulking agent can better combination between the wall and the ground is firm, to avoid the collision force caused by the damage of wall body. Play crural line of stainless steel is made from stainless steel material, high hardness, wear well, almost without any maintenance problems. Matte metal texture have a cold feeling, let a person generally suitable for some is decorated in modern style. In to the line that play a base metal choosing caulking color, can consider the edge laser series of metal color. One simple caulking, draw the outline of opposite a warm personal space. Beautiful treasure products of various features well isolated from bacteria living environment, avoid occurrence crack of the line that play a base mildewy, black. It is important to note that before using the edge treasure to play crural line gap of clean up, clean with wet cloth clean up need to do the edge of area, make sure that no dust and other debris to make gum, put the treasure, erasing has a rubber steps. Caulking, one heart one, service for the home. Is preferred brand, CCTV net mall caulking product segmentation category is rich, colour is gorgeous, the quality of environmental health; After strict screening, more secure; Unified national price, the website can check; Regional control strictly, there won't be any risk of transregional, guarantee alliance business interests.
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