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The methods of dealing with the ceramic tile gap filling after construction

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
For caulking construction, carelessly, will leave a small amount of glue on the surface of the ceramic tile. These affect colloid is very beautiful, many people don't know how to clean up. The following will introduce a few kinds of caulking agent cleaning method.

1, bo changes a brick, generally do not easily into color, should only be surface stains, if contaminated time is not long, the pollution of the first places must be fully wetting, should be no problem with cleaner patience rub, wash with water patient should can go to a color, if there is color proposal with hydrochloric acid to try small area effect.

2, if the color is filled seam an agent material penetration into the bo changes a brick, can use the oxalic acid cleaning.

3, if the above method is still not enough to solve your problem, you can also buy special caulking agent cleaning agent. Caulking agent cleaning agent is ceramic tile seam filling agent after construction, used for cleaning caulking agent residue on the surface of the ceramic tile, special products. Appearance is colorless transparent liquid, the ammonia smell, can quickly clean ceramic tile of stone material surface gap filling agent, crystal gap filling agent, paint, water-based paint, asphalt, adhesive, adhesive paper, adhesive tape residue, lipstick mark, YanZi residual stains, etc.

4, in the end, if it is in there is no way to clean up, can ask professional construction company to clean up, believe they can do much more good.
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