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The necessary knowledge of ceramic tile ceramic tile gap filling division

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
If you want to do this industry, ceramic tile caulking should have some understanding the characteristics and the types of ceramic tile, only know to become a good ceramic tile gap filling. As one of decorate advocate material, the ceramic tile is household building materials. It is also every family when decorating a house of his own products. The sitting room, dining-room, kitchen, bathroom these places use most frequently. Are many types of ceramic tile, caulking construction personnel to know where to use what kind of ceramic tile? Characteristics of different types of ceramic tile? If you are still not clear, let boss caulking small make up slowly to share with you.

one, according to ceramic tile production technology and characteristic points

the classification of ceramic tile ceramic tile press process is divided into: polishing brick, bo changes a brick, glazed tile, archaize brick, ceramic Mosaic, the characteristics of different body brick, of course, have their own best use ceramic tile, the ceramic tile have enough knowledge, can be targeted when decorate a bedroom,.

1, glazed tile,

glazed tile is the surface of the brick after burn glair brick processing. This kind of brick is the most common is decorated in brick, because color pattern is rich, and anti-fouling ability, therefore, are widely used to decorate metope and ground.

2, connect body brick

the surface of the body brick not glaze, and the positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent, so it is called the brick. Body brick is a kind of wear-resisting brick, most of the brick belongs to prevent slippery brick, but its design and color is not glazed pottery. Generally applied in hall hall, corridor, etc. , rarely used for walls.

3, polishing brick,

the brick surface polishing brightness became polishing brick, polishing brick is hard wear-resisting, suit in most indoor use. However, due to its smooth surface is not prevented slippery, so is not easy to use in the bathroom, kitchen.

4, bo changes a brick

bo changes a brick is a kind of strengthening polishing brick, USES high temperature fire and become, is a kind of ceramic tile. Quality of a material is solid, wear-resisting, price is relatively high.

5, Mosaic

Mosaic is the brick of means of a kind of special existence, it is general by tens of piece small brick comprises an opposite big brick. Acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, no water seepage, stress is strong, not easily broken. Classification it basically is divided for Mosaic of pottery and porcelain, marble Mosaic, glass Mosaic. Applicable to small and exquisite, glow is widely used in, metope and ground of indoor small area the outdoor metope and ground.

2, according to the function of ceramic tile

ceramic tile according to the function is divided into floor tile, wall brick and lumbar line brick, etc.

1, the floor tile: according to the design and color is divided into imitation Spain brick, bo to change polishing brick, glazed pottery, prevent slippery brick and ooze to spend polishing brick, etc.

2, wall brick, according to the design and color can be divided into bo changes a brick, printed wall brick.

3, lumbar line brick, is printing brick more. In order to match the specifications of the wall brick, lumbar line brick is generally classified as 60 mm & times; 200 mm wide.
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