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The new green plant suits to put in the home?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Now, put a few flowers at their homes, is no longer a siheyuan carlo's patents. Whether or small high-rise office building, you can always see the POTS in windowsill where the sunlight is very good smart lovely green plant. On the one hand, they level online appearance, mood be agitated when looking at them moment can rub off. The guard on the other hand, they are environment, let the PM. These risks, formaldehyde disappeared into the body of the devil's material. By double purification of psychological physiology, how don't like these plants can't talk? But green plant is good, but also need to put with maintenance scientifically, make people enjoy the beauty at the same time, they also have a good living. According to the size of planning put space can guarantee the room each normal activity, is one of putting the principle of green plant. If the door is small, to the owner in the future operation is convenient, the owner will consider giving up some volume is larger or more striking green plants growing. Or can consider to set up a support green plant space, arbitrary in the space planning their breeding program. If the area is allowed to put in the home owner a variety of potted plants, can be placed in the sitting room place of this kind of area is larger in a basin of large green plant, and then put on the table for other locker or a small pot of green plants. A comparison of this size, can let whole space look more have administrative levels feeling. In addition, small potted plant can change orientation at any time, let the pot over a period of time and space can be given a new style. According to house use reasonable put a house usually has a balcony, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, study, etc. , due to the room environment, utility each are not identical, therefore, is not suit to put green plant. Place smeary more at ordinary times, such as the kitchen is not suitable for the survival of plants, therefore, for the sake of green plant life and health, suggest the owner do not put in the kitchen. In addition, the plant also can absorb oxygen at night, exhaled carbon dioxide, if more green plant put inside the bedroom, there will be a possible shortage of oxygen, which is harmful for frail people. Therefore, usually in the body of the virtual family members inside the bedroom, also do not put slightly bigger green plant. Usually not very good, daylighting inside toilet and damp environment for a long time. So the owner if you want to the green plant is put inside toilet, should choose xi Yin xi wet green plant, let them grow in their own environment. In general, the balcony, study, this kind of room, studio light will be better, more suitable for the growth of plants, the owner can according to his be fond of, in the space to put the green plant. See more green, can let the owner in work, study, do the housework relieve pressure, keep a good mood. According to family health selectively put green plant is good, but some specific varieties have special fragrance, special ingredients, physique weak people may be more sensitive on this part, an anaphylactic phenomenon. So when buying green plant owner, need to know in advance some allergy information about green plant itself, make sure your family can accept only after can be in the home. In addition, if small home have children, and try not to put some flowers larger, more green plant pollen. Young children's respiratory system is not fully mature, if you are a lot of pollen, is likely to cause a variety of allergic respiratory diseases. If placed coniferous plants, also want to consider whether this kind of plant stem leaf is toxic, and warn a kid don't put the green plant in the mouth. Choose according to personal habits varieties, though green plant can't talk, but it is also a delicate life, also need owner to care. If the owners feel patient experienced, you can choose some of their favorite breed, experience the fun of a harvest. If feel is plant killer, can choose a few only regular watering the sunshine can grow lush plants. In general, don't overestimate your ability to raise plants, it is good to do my best. Aiming at some novice owners, small make up sorting out some suitable for raising in the home, can purify air of green plant list, the owner can according to the analysis of the above several ways, to choose to suit oneself the green plant in the home, let oneself also add a green home. Nine common good feed green plant bracketplant cactus other sansevieria aloe Chinese rose ivy duck feet wooden bamboo of curvature of the caulking year founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, has yet to be established caulking market experience. 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