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【 The ninth international training 】 — — Never met, please look! ( Quick to sign up! )

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Sorching summer, international college course again! We keep to friends waiting for you! We have a new surprise for you! We have a new upcoming products! We bring you new business growth point! We are waiting for you! Share every happy every further every time the growth of common communication here you can learn not only the product knowledge, solve the problem of construction, marketing concept, more wonderful fun games waiting for you to participate in, make you really passion and experience the feeling of home. Every time looking forward to the results of the two days of training, international nearly 10 years of team management, marketing, construction services, professional knowledge and experience into a caulking dinner to share with you. Both the caulking industry leading edge information, and also have a lecturer ms Chen Shihua management guidance, more all the caulking elite wisdom of the collision. Believe everyone can study here you want to find out information, can solve the doubts in the heart as well as the industry confused. Each time the progress in the footsteps of the international scene simulation construction link for you also, combining knowledge and practice, at the same time, in a rich self can better master the skill in practice. New product release - - Australia Australia is come loose? What are you waiting for that! Come on! ! ! ! We welcome to! The international day of the ninth session of training will be on the month - Month day was held in xuzhou city, jiangsu province, for two days. Registration time: from now on 。 Training time: day. - 。 Training places: xuzhou city, jiangsu province, Philippines hotel ( Xuzhou railway station three-ring east road shop) Conference hall on the second floor for registration fee: the person giving car purifier a + uniform a registration form: the intention to participants, customers need to contact with you docking manager, consulting for registration. Or call the hotline - - Also may carry on the registration page by H, we will contact you at the same time facing the whole country, have intention to attend.
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