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The original wood floor compared with vitrified tile which is better?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Home decoration, exactly is to use floor or floor tile? How to better their own home decoration, this is a question worthy of in-depth discussion. Do not know how to choose in the face of all kinds of floor tile, it is because you don't know their 'personality', in fact whether the floor or floor tile, have their own different pavement technology and curing method, master the skills, can gain satisfactory decoration effect. What is the original wood floor? Among the new household style, more popular a kind of floor style called 'wind' log, this kind of style is more partial to Japanese, with 'Jane' is given priority to, some like minimalism decorating style owners choose to use this kind of floor - — The original wood floor. The original wood floor is just an alias, it really is what we usually call real wood floor. Natural real wood floor is lumber classics drying, the area that forms after treatment decorates material, is processed into directly with real wood floor, it has a natural wood texture, is a poor conductor of heat, can have the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, is a bedroom, sitting room, study on the ground decorates the ideal material. Is to choose a minimalist style 'log' floor, or choose the style cold some vitrified tile? Let's look at them by comparing the characteristics. PK, original wood floor of vitrified tile - — Level of appearance of real wood floor has crisscrossed wood texture, natural soft texture, rich affinity, simple and concise style is given priority to, in the adornment in the home with European or Chinese style is harmonious, there would be no acosmia feeling. Overall darker color, suitable for home lighting good room. And the diversity of ceramic tile, more widely at present has been bo changes a brick and glazed tiles, ceramic tile is relative to the speaking style of real wood floor is 'cold' a lot of, but on colour 'Ming' a lot of real wood floor, ceramic tile surface although there is no real wood floor is natural vertical and horizontal stagger texture, are extremely rich contemporary sense of shading technology, and fine texture, reconcile the space changes in temperature. PK, original wood floor of vitrified tile - — Waterproof effect of floor of real wood floor is in common use is through surface spray paint processing, brush on the pu paint or uv paint on the surface, have certain waterproof effect, generally there are water damaged accidentally caught in the surface is not directly through the surface layer of seeping into wood. But if the summer rainy season, it will be easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp and moldy phenomenon appear black. If long-term in a humid environment, real wood floor appears wet go up the phenomenon such as arch camber, crack, become warped bending deformation. Wooden floor surface through special processing, but the internal if water invasion can produce the phenomenon of water retention, if installed in places such as kitchen, toilet damp will increase the degree of the water absorption of the floor, water easily through internal cracks in wood, over time you will find that the floor cracks began to appear within the black mould, so do the waterproof of aperture is necessary. Decorate in choosing a ceramic tile floor tile is usually home can choose bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick is commonly known as porcelain polished tiles, connect body to the surface of the tile body is polished and become a kind of light brick, belong to the brick one. Bibulous rate is lower than the percentage. Because the bibulous rate is low because of its hardness is higher, also not easy to have scratch, get the favour of broad consumer. For this kind of waterproof effect is good ceramic tile, the so-called waterproofing work is refers to the ceramic tile aperture, as long as the waterproof work of ceramic tile aperture, the ground of the waterproof work basically do not have trouble back at home. Caulking agents adhere to the production of green environmental protection idea, has the high quality production technology, perfect after-sale system, focused on environmental protection gap filling product. Caulking tile caulking agent collection product itself advantages, easy to deal with the stubborn problems of ceramic tile aperture dense black mold. All need caulking, wooden floor and ceramic tile? The physical properties of ceramic tile is stable, but in a certain heat bilges cold shrink environment will appear rupture, the phenomenon of arch, so be sure to set aside cracks in the ceramic tile shop is stuck, full scale space for ceramic tile, then fill with ceramic tile seam an agent to fill gaps and prevent ceramic tile aperture stain and mildew. Also, the material of the floor will not only affected by heat bilges cold shrink, and bibulous rate is high. So if the owner choose laid floor, must be more careful when doing the caulking. When using caulking agent can choose the similar color of the floor, it won't appear abrupt. Both in ceramic tile and floor, need a good ceramic tile seam filling agent product to solve the problem of crack inside. Caulking water boasts a true king of porcelain, porcelain, water-borne epoxy, the four categories of joint sealant products, to meet the demand of domestic various caulking decorated commonly. Do not stimulate caulking product environmental protection, color full, anti-fouling, anti-mildew antibacterial wear-resisting, not only bring home beautiful visual effects, also for the future owner bring green and healthy life.
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